Dan Sheridan's Huge Win at Santa Maria's Bud Stanfield Memorial

Danny "Showtime" Sheridan of Santa Maria, Calif. won the September 17th "Bud Stanfield Memorial" This race is part of the West Coast 360 Sprint Car Series that has grown to become a part of the United States Auto Club (USAC). "It's always nice to come home and win a race in front of my hometown. I have family, friends and sponsors who can't always take time off work or have other plans that limit the amount of travel they can do so whenever I have a chance to come home and race I Love it!" said Sheridan after coming off his first main event win of the season where he overtook Bud Keading on the 27th lap for the first position which he held onto for the win.
Danny Sheridan at Santa Maria's "Bud Stanfield Memorial"
Danny Sheridan at Santa Maria's "Bud Stanfield Memorial"

As the 2011 season comes to a close and this article goes to press Dan has had 2 heat race wins, 1 main event win and 3 top five finishes. Every year Sheridan and his team Kittle Motorsports seem to be looking for a USAC championship. This year was no exception "Our season got off to a rough start," Sheridan told K&N news, "we changed chassis this year and it took a few races to figure out the new cars. Once we figured out what makes our new cars work we have been very tough every night. I really like the new Sherman Chassis and wish we made the change sooner cause these cars suit my driving style."

When we asked if there was one race this year that he didn't win that really bothered him he said "Any race I don't win bothers me! The biggest one this year was Calistoga. We had a strong car both nights, leading the Friday night feature with a big lead until a lap car had issues in front of me while leading. Then Saturday night we had a car to beat but had a failure... Every time we are at Calistoga we are FAST it just seems like we can't seal the deal...THAT BOTHERS ME."

Where does your motivation to win come from?
"My motivation to win is simple, be the best you can every time you hit the track and the rest will fall into place. I'm very hard on myself and I'm very competitive so at the end of the day if I give 110% I expect to get 110%."

If you had the opportunity to meet someone famous who would it be?
"I'm a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, I would love to meet Albert Pujols he's an amazing athlete!!! 3 homeruns in one game, who does that?"

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