Dalton Millican Wins 2011 AMA ATV National Championship

Dalton Millican expeeinced a successful season in the AMA ATV Series in 2011.
Dalton Millican expeeinced a successful season in the AMA ATV Series in 2011.
Dalton Millican began the season on a positive note with a win at Antonia, Georgia, in the 450A class in the AMA ATV National Series. As the season progressed, the rider continued a successful run. Millican compiled four wins, an equal amount of second place finishes and placed third once.
Dalton Millican recently won his first career AMA ATV Championship.
Dalton Millican recently won his first career AMA ATV Championship.
In fact, although there were eleven races scheduled in the AMA ATV National Series, the riders are allowed to use their best eight finishes. Most folks would be impressed with these stats alone, but the rider also was behind the starting gate eighteen times and sported fifteen hole shots. That said, at the end of the ninth scheduled race, Millican already had his first career championship wrapped up.

Dalton Millican was also a strong contender in the Production A class as well. Of the eight races the ATV rider competed in this particular division, he walked away victorious once and experience several second and third place finishes. Millican and his Parts Plus Honda concluded the season in second place for the championship in this division.

Experiencing his third season of racing, in the AMA ATV National Series, Millican began the 2011 season with experience under his belt and anticipation of success. That said, the rider was excited upon earning his first championship title. Referring to winning the championship, Millican said, "It will motivate me to continue training hard, and give me the confidence to go out there and continue to win."

When asked the key to his recent success, Millican explained, "I believe it was just staying relaxed and having fun while I was out on the track. I am very happy with how the season turned out. All of the hard work put in by myself, my family, and my sponsors really paid off. I've been more consistent this season. I am learning more how to calm down while I am out on the track, and not get worked up when something is not going the way I want it to."

Dalton Millican also competed in the Pro Am classes at Loretta Lynn's, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The morning started off pretty good as he pulled a hole shot in Moto One of the Unlimited class and finished the race in fourth place. During the second Moto, Dalton had a good start and finished ninth.

Lining up to compete in the Production class, Millican's luck evidently went south, as he got spun and fell from fifth to last place in moto one. During moto two, while fighting for one more hole shot during the 2011 season, the rider tangled wheels with a competitor and upon being thrown from his ATV sustained a broken leg.

Although such an injury would have an adverse effect on some rider's attitude, Dalton Millican is already looking forward to healing and getting back on the track. "For some reason, after all of my injuries, I have always come back faster, and hope to do the same when I'm cleared from the doctor to ride again," explained Millican. Referring to what he has been doing since the injury, he continued, "I have really just been relaxing and taking a break, but now it's time to get back started."

Although Millican ended the season on a sour note, he has obviously experienced a successful year overall. That said, the rider is aware that his entire team played a large role in his success. Speaking of his team, Millican said, "I wouldn't have made it this far, and wouldn't have won a championship if it wasn't for them."

The champion ATV rider also credits a portion of his success to proper maintenance of the ATV. When asked if he used K&N products, he said, "I use their air filters, oil filters, filter cleaner and filter oil. Everything has been very beneficial, and I'm glad to have K&N as a part of the team. I get maximum performance and dependability from every K&N product I use. It's never a question that my motor will be protected from the harsh environment that motocross puts it through."

In closing, Dalton Millican shared a message with his sponsors and fans. "I am very thankful to have each and every one, and I hope to continue working with them for this upcoming season. Thanks for all of the support. It really means a lot, and I can't thank you all enough."

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