CORR Lucas Oil Nissan Titan Racer Preps for Heavy Metal Off-Road Challenge

Carl Renezeder has won four out of the last six races in the Pro-2 division of CORR’s Lucas Oil Racing Series and sits only five points behind the leader. Rounds nine and ten of a 16-race series took place this past weekend at Bark River, Michigan.

On Saturday, the Pro-2 race got off to a very good start for Team Renezeder’s Lucas Oil Nissan Titan. Renezeder reached the end of the land rush start without a scratch on the truck and crossed the finish/start line in fourth place to start the first lap. He closed the gap on the leader by lap seven of the ten-lap race. Renezeder was positioned for another win, but a broken accessory belt driveline put him in 13th place at he finish.

Sunday was a much better day for Team Renezeder. A successful start put Renezeder in second place at the start of the first lap. By lap two, he passed Travis Coyne for the lead and never looked back. Renezeder put win number four in the history books and put himself back in the second place position in points. Renezeder also sits second in the four-wheel drive division by 12 points.

“I want it all,” said Renezeder. “I want to celebrate the win, but I’m disappointed with the rest of the results. As a competitor, it’s tough to separate each race. We are grateful for the one win and glad to be in the hunt for both championships.”

Team Renezeder Pro-4
Team Renezeder Pro-4
The Laguna Beach, California racer has used K&N Engineering products since he started his own team 8 years ago. “Carl will only use a K&N Filter,” said Jennifer Bissett of Team Renezeder. “In the dust and heat K&N stops the dirt and debris from getting into our engine. We’ve never had a problem on these trucks with K&N Filters.”

Team Renezeder's next challenge is for the coveted BorgWarner Cup race, the second of two “heavy metal” races this season.

Follow Team Renezeder's progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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