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Colombian Model Karina Velez Stars in K&N Calendar with Jeremy McGrath "Cool Bus"

K&N calendar model Karina Velez standing with Jeremy McGrath Cool Bus

K&N calendar model Karina Velez has roots in Columbia but lives in Orange County

Colombia is known for beautiful women. Actress Sofia Vergara, singer Shakira, and beauty queen Ariadna Gutierrez all hail from this country. K&N model, Karina Velez, shares their Colombian roots. She vacations there often saying, “I visit my family in Colombia every year, and I have the best childhood memories there. One year, we stayed in a tree house in the middle of the Amazon.” Karina is Colombian at heart, though she was born in Orange County, California.

She speaks fluent Spanish and loves to dance the salsa. Karina also enjoys snowboarding, though she is particularly confident about dancing, saying, “I can show you up in salsa dancing.” Whether stepping on the floor or shredding in the snow, Karina leads a very active lifestyle.

K&N calendar model Karina Velez standing with Jeremy McGrath Cool Bus in school girl outfit

Karina Velez loves to dance the salsa in her free time but also enjoys snowboarding

As for schooling, she attended El Toro High in Orange County. She worked as an aid in honors physics and detention during her senior year, so she kept busy. She went on to Cal State Fullerton to major in Marketing. Karina’s degree helps her now; she works part-time in social media marketing. She didn’t actually start modeling until the end of high school. Karina shares, “My dad didn't let me until I turned 18.” 

Her list of clients is eclectic and impressive. She has modeled for “Vans, Nissan, Old Navy Mexico, and Disney.” She can do cars, clothes, shoes, and magical brands like Disney. She has met with a lot of success, but there have also been moments when modeling wasn’t so glamorous. Karina remembers her worst experience saying, “I was modeling for an e-comm clothing company and they didn't tell me I would be modeling their Halloween costumes. They were not cute.” Sequins, sparkles, fabrics! Oh my!

Besides horrendous Halloween costumes, Karina loves everything about modeling. She’s a free spirit; she slept in a tree house surrounded by the rainforest. Modeling is just another chance to find adventure. Karina is excited for the future, saying, “The world is pure magic, and I crave a lifetime of adventure, discovering all the beautiful things the world has to offer.”

IG Handle: @karinavelezz

K&N calendar models Karina Velez and Jess Harbour standing with Jeremy McGrath Cool Bus

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