Cody Gibson and Team Walsh Race Craft Make A Huge Showing At Aonia Pass

Cody Gibson is very comfortable with riding for the Walsh Race Craft team and is anticipating much success in 2012.
Cody Gibson is very comfortable with riding for the Walsh Race Craft team and is anticipating much success in 2012.
The week prior to round one of the 2012 AMA/ATVA GNC Motocross to be held at Aonia Pass Motocross Park, in Washington, Georgia, Cody Gibson and team Walsh Race Craft were focused on getting his Pro-Am Production LT-R450 built. Completing the project with one day to spare, they put the ATV on the dyno. Upon seeing the results of their labors, they were instantly pleased. The quad pulled the best numbers they had ever seen. Their Pro-Am Unlimited WALSH CRF450R had been ready for the rigors of racing for a while and with the Production ATV fine tuned, they were geared up and ready to go.
Cody Gibson and team Walsh Race Craft began the ATVA Motocross Nationals off woth a bang with four moto wins at Aonia Pass, in Washington, Georgia.
Cody Gibson and team Walsh Race Craft began the ATVA Motocross Nationals off woth a bang with four moto wins at Aonia Pass, in Washington, Georgia.

"My confidence level was high," recalled Gibson, "because I am back with the Walsh Race Craft Team. I came into this season knowing I was going to win. I was technically pro two years ago, but had started the season off with a broken collar bone. So I just never got into the swing of things. But being that I had won Pro-Am Production and Pro-Am Unlimited in 2009, I knew I could still win it. To sum it up, I have 100% confidence in myself, my team, and my quads, and the products that Walsh Race Craft uses on them," he continued. "The key to success going into the race was my Walsh Race Craft team, my mentality, my physical ability, and endurance."

The first day of racing brought with it instant success in the Pro-Unlimited class for Gibson and the team. In fact, after separating himself from the second place rider by two seconds in the qualifying round, he had earned the option of first gate pick. When the gate dropped Gibson pulled the holeshot and took a demanding lead. Never looking back, the rider managed to take the checkered flag twenty seconds ahead of the remainder of the pack. The second moto of the day was no different, as Gibson pulled the holeshot and left his field of competitors battling for the remaining positions.

With a successful outing under his belt, Gibson returned the next day with full intentions of continuing his winning streak, and continue he did. Racing in the Pro-Am Production class on the Suzuki LT-R450, it was obvious early on that he had not manned this particular bike in nearly two years, as the beginning of the qualifying round proved a little rough. That said, he quickly grew comfortable and managed to set the fastest qualifying time, and was anxious to get the moto underway.

Having earned the first gate pick again, Gibson took the lead early and had no intentions of riding in a close race. Pulling away from the field, he crossed the finish line with a twenty-second lead over the second place rider, and eager for the next moto.

Moto two did not start as smoothly as he had grown accustomed to though. Coming off of the line, Gibson bumped into another racer, in turn slowing his momentum. It quickly became evident that the mishap was no indication of how the race was going to end though, as he eventually found a descent line and swept into third place. Gibson continued forward and took the second place spot. Before his competitors knew it, he had made a pass nearing the end of the first lap and took the lead position. Accepting nothing less than another victory, the rider pulled away from the field and in turn won his fourth and final moto of the weekend.

Although aware that his riding skills are an essential element of success, Cody Gibson is quick to credit his team. "They're very important," he explained. "I have always been completely confident and comfortable with Walsh Race Craft and our supporting sponsors. Walsh picked me up coming out of the A class in 2007 very early in my career. So I had really grown and somewhat been raised with Walsh," he continued. "When I left Walsh in 2010 and went pro with a different team, I never really felt comfortable. Mainly, I wasn't confident in the quad or the management, and was not getting the full effort from that 2010 team, because they had other riders. Where I am planning on going in ATV racing, I need full effort from my team, and now I have that once again."

Cody Gibson and the Walsh Race Craft team are strong advocates of proper maintenance and depend upon K&N products for their filtering needs. "We want to finish every race. We do not want to break down, or break me due to a mechanical failure," explained Gibson. "The team is heavily involved in ATV racing. I mean that is their main form of business, so the maintenance heavily reflects on Walsh Race Craft, and that effects reputation, which affects sales and all of that."

Referring to K&N products he continued, "We use their air filters, air filter oil and cleaner, and their oil filters. As long as I have been with Walsh, it is all we have used. We used K&N products with my previous team also. I would say I've been using K&N for four years now. I love them," he explained. "Their air filters make the best power, hands down, and everything K&N manufactures is high quality."

Looking forward to the remainder of the 2012 season, Cody Gibson said, "Our fans can expect a lot of holeshots and wins; some stunts like heel clickers during motos; probably some 'toss-out' goggles, and any other way we can help make people's race experience the best it can be."

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