Car Craft Magazine Article Puts K&N Filters and Holley Carbs to the Test with Engine Dyno

"Car Craft" is an innovative automotive magazine that publishes articles to provide the average engine builder and car crafter a budget minded perspective on performance. Jeff Smith of "Car Craft" recently wrote an article called "Rapid Tune-Up Tricks for Your Favorite Holley Carb" which included testing from a visit to K&N's SuperFlow 902 dyno shop.
K&N In-House SuperFlow 902 Engine Dyno
K&N in-house SuperFlow 902 engine dyno control room.

This article begins by analyzing the performance difference in a 383 small-block when the standard 650-cfm carburetor is swapped with a Holley 750 HP. The first step was to establish a baseline on the K&N engine dyno so that the results of the swap could be compared. Once the baseline was established, the carburetors were swapped and the engine was dyno tested again. The results were not what they had expected.

To read the full Car Craft article and to see Holley carburetor tuning test results go to "How to Upgrade Your Favorite Holley Carb" on


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