British Superbike Team Red Viper Racing Geared up for 2008

The British Superbike Red Viper racing team has selected K&N as its air filter supplier for the 2008 BSB (British Superbike Series). This was not a random decision, the team tested a number of competitors, but K&N air filters consistently tested better.

Red Viper Honda Fireblade in action
Red Viper Honda Fireblade in action

"The overall difference between K&N air filters and the other brands that we tested was K&N gave better protection to our engines,” said Adrian Butterworth, Red Viper Team Manager. “The dust and debris blowing around the British Superbike circuits can be quite bad at times.” The team races Honda Fireblades, which are renowned for their reliability and performance on the track. It was a good match.

Red Viper Racing Fireblade Superbike Red Viper Racing Fireblade Superbike
Protection from racetrack elements wasn’t the only reason Red Viper chose K&N technology. “The breathability that a K&N filter provides is what impressed us the most,” Butterworth said. “We did a number of dyno runs on our Fireblades with a K&N air filter and saw great results. We use them for their horsepower advantage.”

Champion racers Aaron Zanotti and Tom Clegg make up the Red Viper racing team competing in the BSB championship this year.

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