Boost BMW M3 Horsepower 18+ with K&N's 57-Series FIPK

The fabled BMW M3 was originally sold only overseas. At first, BMW said it was sure the car could break the 8-minute sound barrier on the Northern Circuit of Nurburgring, which some say is the ultimate in driving dynamics.

Fuel Injection Performance Kit for the BMW M3
Fuel Injection Performance Kit for the BMW M3
In America, the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 BMW M3 3.2L engine unleashes 333 to 360 horsepower. K&N Engineering developed a 57-Series Fuel Injection Performance Kit (57-1003) that will add 18 + horsepower at the rear wheels. K&N's dynamometer chart shows 18.63 horsepower increase at 7400 RMP on the 2003 BMW M3.

"Getting it to fit was a challenge for our engineers," said Bert Heck, K&N's Performance Kit Manager. "This filter takes a mass air adaptor, and getting it into tight quarters was the hard part. We did it and made it very easy to install with simple tools in 90 minutes or less."

By replacing your factory air intake assembly with K&N's 57-Series FIPK, your engine will get more air with less restriction. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engines RPM range.

 FIPK's come with a Million Mile Limited Warranty. "This kit is one of our first walks down the BMW highway," said Heck. "We're also looking at doing the later models."

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