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BMW Motorcycle Enthusiasts can Benefit from K&N's New Air Filter for the K1200R and K1200S

Motorcycle sporting enthusiasts all over the world can realize maximum performance, sophistication and technology enhanced safety measures in a new package from BMW. After 5 years of development the BMW K1200S is available. The aluminum frame sporting model with an inline four-cylinder engine accelerates aggressively.

For those who want great synthesis with everything BMW has learned from decades of motorsport experience, K&N Engineering, with decades of filter experience has designed a replacement Air Filter for the sport model.

Air Filter for BMW K1200 S, K1200 R and K1200 GT
Air Filter for BMW K1200 S, K1200 R and K1200 GT
K&N's Air Filter (BM-1205) is custom designed to fit in the factory air box of the 2005 to 2008 BMW K1200 S, the 2005 to 2012 BMW K1200 R, the 2006 to 2011 BMW K1200 GT and the 2009 and 2015 BMW K1300GT, BMW K1300R and 2009 to 2016 BMW K1300S. The drop-in design means adding performance is simple, just remove the disposable air filter in the bike and replace it with K&N's Air Filter (BM-1205).

The washable, reusable, high flow flat panel filter is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. "We made this coned shaped K&N Air Filter for the BMW K1200," said K&N Powersports Application Coordinator Lisa Watson. "The BMW K 1200 S model uses 2 K&N Air Filters and the BMW K 1200 R model uses 1 K&N Air Filter because of the way the bike is designed. Either way, with the K&N Air Filter the cone shaped filter is designed for maximum air flow."

Unlike disposable filters, K&N Motorcycle Air Filters use a unique pleated design comprised of an oiled cotton fabric sandwiched between two layers of epoxy-coated aluminum screen. The filters capture airborne dirt particles while allowing high volume air flow. These particles than cling to the outside of the filter and become part of the filtering media.

"When it rains water goes into the stock airbox on this bike," said Lou Gutowski, K&N's Western Region Power Sports Manager. "If the K&N Filter (BM-1205) gets wet on a bike ride it does not have to be replaced after the rain."

K&N Air Filters for street motorcycles and automobiles are covered by our famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty and will be the last air filter your vehicle will ever need.

K&N's Air Filter BM-1205 will fit the following vehicles:

2016 BMW K1300S 1300
2015 BMW K1300S 1300
2015 BMW K1300R 1300
2014 BMW K1300S 1300
2014 BMW K1300R 1300
2013 BMW K1300S 30 JAHRE K-MODELLE 1300
2013 BMW K1300S 1300
2013 BMW K1300R 1300
2012 BMW K1300S 1300
2012 BMW K1300R 1300
2011 BMW K1300S 1300
2011 BMW K1300R 1300
2011 BMW K1300GT 1300
2010 BMW K1300S 1300
2010 BMW K1300R 1300
2010 BMW K1300GT SE 1300
2010 BMW K1300GT 1300
2009 BMW K1300S 1300
2009 BMW K1300R 1300
2009 BMW K1300GT 1300
2008 BMW K1200S 1157 (2 required)
2008 BMW K1200R SPORT 1171
2008 BMW K1200R 1171
2008 BMW K1200GT 1157
2007 BMW K1200S 1157 (2 required)
2007 BMW K1200R SPORT 1157
2007 BMW K1200R 1200
2007 BMW K1200GT 1157
2006 BMW K1200S 1157 (2 required)
2006 BMW K1200R 1200
2006 BMW K1200GT 1157
2005 BMW K1200S 1157 (2 required)
2005 BMW K1200R 1200

Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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