Akkaya’s Innovative Superbike-Coach School Offers Quality Rider Training

Can Akkaya of Superbike-Coach

Can Akkaya is Superbike-Coach's founder and lifeblood

Superbike-Coach is one of the most exciting and innovative motorcycle riding schools in the country. The California-based company is a direct reflection of its head riding coach and founder, Can Akkaya. The German expatriate has deep roots in many forms of motorcycle racing and brings that wealth of knowledge to his classroom and on-track instruction.

Akkaya was a mainstay and elite performer on European racetracks in the 1980s and 1990s. His motto was “never surrender,” and his aggressive and relentless racing style earned him the nickname Crazy Can among his fans. After his retirement from competition in 1995, his experience, racing insight, and suspension set-up acumen kept him in high demand in European racing circles. He was also active in other endeavors such a track testing and racing protective gear development. As if that weren’t enough, Akkaya became a prolific writer as well.

Akkaya guides a student into a turn at Superbike-Coach

Akkaya (#36) coaches a student into a turn in his cornering school.

Since 2006, Akkaya’s passion and mission has been to help other motorcyclists ride faster, safer, and have more fun doing it. By his estimates, he has instructed well over 4000 students. As was mentioned earlier, Superbike-Coach is a reflection of its founder. Akkaya says the instruction is “brutally straight up and no excuses are tolerated, but all of it comes in a fun package.” Students should expect lively, intensive, experience-based instruction with no coddling.

Obviously, Akkaya is not the only Superbike-Coach instructor. The head coach takes the instructor selection and training process very seriously. “I am very picky with my staff,” says Akkaya. “They are assistant coaches.” He knows what he wants in a coach, and maybe more importantly, what he doesn’t want. “I don’t have ego-driven instructors racing each other,” Akkaya says. “I don’t pick them because they are ‘promising talents in amateur racing’ and who work for free track time, or worse just an experienced street rider.” Akkaya relies on his decades of riding, racing, and teaching to identify the best-of-the-best to be instructors. In the end, there is a fine line that separates those who can and can’t coach for him, and it’s not just about riding talent. He says, “A good rider isn’t automatically a good teacher.”

Can Akkaya coaches a young rider at Superbike-Coach

Can Akkaya helps a young rider learn the basics. A little guy gets big instruction

The students of the Superbike-Coach program are a diverse group, and the demographic has changed a bit with Akkaya’s move to the US. “Back in Europe I taught many racers, from amateurs to pros,” Akkaya says. “But since I have lived in the USA, it has changed to mainly street riders.” The students who benefit from Superbike-Coach’s tutoring run the gamut from experienced motorcyclists to riders who are new to the sport. The school even offers youth coaching programs. As wide-ranging as the student population of the school is, the curriculum offerings are equally diverse. Superbike-Coach offers one-on-one instruction, street riding instruction, racing instruction, track days, bike preparation, stunt programs, and even motorcycle tours.

Classroom at Superbike-Coach

Classroom sessions at Superbike-Coach are entertaining and informative

Akkaya is an enthusiastic guy. He is excited about motorcycles, racing, and teaching. He is also effusive in his praise of K&N products. “The entire Superbike-Coach fleet breathes trough K&Ns - from our coach bikes, rentals, and trucks. It helps us to maintain performance and reduce costs.” However, for Akkaya, the connection is deeper than just practicality. “My ‘K&N story’ is emotional and goes back to my childhood,” Akkaya reflects. “My dad took me to a car race at the Zolder Circuit in Belgium. I was 8 or 9 years old, and it was my first encounter with motorsports. It was loud, rough, and bad ass. I was stoked and hooked, but there was that one race car shooting flames almost right next to me. It had that orange and white K&N sticker on its door.” Akkaya said that image was indelibly imprinted in his young mind, and that K&N has represented performance and excitement ever since. Fittingly, Akkaya set a lap record on that same Zolder track later in life and is now sponsored by K&N.

Akkaya’s passion is infectious. He raced with it, he teaches with it, and he is passionate about one of the newest aspects of his school. “This year I am the official rider trainer of the US Air Force. That is such an honor, especially because I’ve moved to the USA and love the country.” K&N is proud to be part of that important mission with Can Akkaya and the Superbike-Coach School.

If it’s time to take your riding to the next level, Superbike-Coach most likely has a program to fit your needs and desires. For more information, visit the Superbike-Coach website.