Advanced Jr. Drag Racer Robbie Officer & Team OFFICER BOYZ at Bradenton Motorsports Park

Robbie Officer and the 2007 OFFICER BOYZ half scale Advanced Jr. Dragster ready for track action
Robbie Officer and the 2007 OFFICER BOYZ half scale Advanced Jr. Dragster ready for track action
As a second generation driver, Robbie Officer was introduced to the sport of drag racing as a youngster. In fact, the Palmetto, Florida native actually began participating in the sport at the age of nine. Now fifteen years old, Officer already has a good deal of experience under his belt, and is no stranger to success. "My dad raced, and I fell in love quickly with the racing environment," recalled the driver. "I sharply enjoy the good time, cash when you win and the rush."
15 year old Advanced Jr. Dragster Driver Robbie Officer and father Mark Officer focus on the upcoming race
15 year old Advanced Jr. Dragster Driver Robbie Officer and father Mark Officer focus on the upcoming race

Although sporting a burning desire to be out on the track and matching skills with fellow drivers, Robbie Officer is very family oriented. That said, when his grandmother was stricken with health issues, he put racing on the back burner during the first part of this season. The ninth grade student and team OFFICER BOYZ are back now though; geared up, and ready to embark upon some fierce competition throughout the remainder of 2012. The driver ensured that he is eager to take up where he left off in 2011.

"My record last season was great," he explained. "Got a couple of wins and runner-ups." When asked his most memorable race thus far in his racing career, Officer said, "Probably when I beat the kid that won Bristol. I also beat him this weekend. This season, due to my gramma having health issues, I've been taking a break," he continued. "But I'm back at it now. I got one win this season so far, and runner up this weekend."

Racing in the Advanced Jr. Dragster class, Officer considers Bradenton Motorsports Park, at Bradenton, Florida as his home track, but the young driver has seen his share of action at other venues throughout the state as well. Robbie and his team have traveled to the Lakeland Dragstrip, at Lakeland; the Immakolee Regional Raceway, at Immakolee; the Sunshine Drag Racing Track in Tampa and has previously raced at the Palm Beach International Raceway as well.

Obviously, drag racing is a passion in Robbie Officer's house as he and his dad both participate in the sport, but the high school student's grades are of most importance. "Racing and keeping my grades up are my main priorities. My G.P.A. was 3.7 overall in the eighth grade, so racing and keeping my grades up are not so difficult at the same time."

As Officer maintains a high grade point level, he also has an acute understanding that if he plans to experience success on the track, he must maintain his dragster as well. "I consider my team, that is me and my dad, very important," he explained. "We polish my engine after every race, take the shell off and clean all inside of it. We go through everything and change the oil." When asked if maintenance has a bearing on his success rate, the driver was quick to answer, "Big Time, because you never want to be unprepared for a race, and need to have everything ready to go. More the maintenance, the more consistent you're gonna be."

That said, the young driver and his team depend upon K&N products to keep the internal components of their engine contaminant free. Referring to the K&N products he depends upon, Officer said, "My carburetor filter and the filter on my bar on the back of my car. My dad also uses K&N filters on his Mullis dragster. K&N blows other filters away. It keeps my dad's motor way cleaner. We just think their the better product."

While sitting behind the wheel of his 2007 half scale, the young driver is confident that his effort is his strong point. Sharing the key to his success throughout future races, Robbie Officer explained, "Hard work, and skillful judgement on the top end. My potential also makes me successful. I will always race; it's a dream come true," he continued. Fans can expect a strong finish for the remainder of the season, due to the image of my car and how hard I try!

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