2016-2017 Toyota Land Cruisers Gain Power Using K&N 77 Series Air Intake System

K&N intakes are designed to reduce intake restriction as they smooth and straighten air flow

The K&N 77-series air intake system is designed with both style and performance in mind

The Toyota Land Cruiser is known from the Amazon to Antarctica to be one of the most capable SUVs outside of special vehicles sold only to the military. Featuring a sturdy body-on-frame configuration and a 5.7L V8 that delivers 381 horsepower and diesel-like torque, combined with an eight-speed automatic and full-time four-wheel drive, the 2016 – 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser is the ride of choice when there’s no roads where you’re headed.

The 2016-2017 Land Cruiser utilizes Toyota’s well-proven full-time four-wheel-drive system. Choice of either the high- or low-range are made selected by turning a console-mounted dial. The center mechanical differential is a Torsen torque-sensing unit set to a 40/60 front-to-rear torque split, but has the ability to self-adjust if more power is needed at one end or the other. Both brake and throttle are controlled by Toyota’s Active Traction, if the situation demands. Meanwhile the driver has his or her choice of settings (Multi-Terrain, Crawl, Downhill Assist, Mogul, and Hill-Start Assist) to optimize performance for the terrain being traversed.

While the Toyota Land Cruiser’s 5.7L V8 produces 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque, one has to recall that the motor is pulling around nearly three tons of mass. That’s part of the Land Cruiser’s strength, but also one of its weaknesses. Go back to the turn of the century and Chevrolet was producing 350 horsepower out of the technically inferior 5.7L LS1 engine.

The heat shield is isolated from the engine compartment by automotive grade seals

The heat shield isolates the filter from underhood heat, allowing only cold air to flow to the motor

What your 2016 – 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser needs is a shot of horsepower, and K&N has the boost. The K&N 77-9040KP air intake system adds 15.12 horsepower at the wheels. That’s an instant increase in performance and throttle response.

Cool, fresh air first enters a chrome-topped RF-1044 K&N high-flow air filter positioned within a heat shield that installs into the space of the factory air box. Much of the performance increase can be attributed to the oversized conical air filter manufactured from multiple layers of oiled cotton filter media which offers greater surface area and thus less resistance than traditional filters but provides outstanding engine protection.

Engine protection is provided by a multi-layered cotton material, which filters out fine particles of dirt and dust that could damage your engine, to ensure a long engine life. Each design is verified through K&N’s in-house filtration testing lab, which adheres to ISO 5011 standards, ensuring that K&N filters provide high airflow without putting engine protection at risk.

Installation of the K&N 77-9040KP kit should take less than a Saturday morning

Everything needed to install your new K&N 77-series performance air intake is included in the box

Further the heat shield protects the cool incoming air from being affected by high underhood temperatures. The cooler the air is as it flows into the engine, the more power the engine can generate.

The intake tube of a K&N cold air intake significantly reduces restriction to incoming air flow over the stock item, as well as calms power-robbing turbulence. Air passes through an aerodynamically-verified polished aluminum intake tube directly into the engine’s throttle body. The intake tube accommodates the factory mass air sensor, fuel pressure hose, and crankcase vent hose.

Best of all, the K&N intake system can be installed in 90 minutes or less with simple hand tools like a ratchet set, a few screwdrivers, and a couple of wrenches. All tools required are listed in the clear, step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions specific to your car that come included in the package.

K&N's pleated cotton filters provide incremental surface area for both air intake and dirt c

The large eight inch, chrome-capped conical filter provides maximum surface area for incoming air

And once you’ve installed your K&N filter you’ve eliminated the need to buy another air filter for the life of your covered Land Cruiser. Only a simple DIY service is required to maintain your K&N Filter at peak performance. At intervals of 100,000 miles (depending upon your driving conditions) use the K&N 99-5000 recharger kit to quickly clean and refresh your K&N air filter, preparing it for another 100,000 miles of driving. The K&N air filter you purchase is designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle, which K&N guarantees will perform for up to 10 years or 1,000,000 miles without requiring replacement.

The K&N 77-9040KP is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2017 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models
2016 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 5.7L V8 Fuel Injection - All Models