2011 to 2016 Honda CBR250R Motorcycles Pump Up Performance with K&N Air Filter

Replacement Air Filter for 2011 to 2016 Honda CBR250Rs
Replacement Air Filter for 2011 to 2016 Honda CBR250Rs
If you've been harboring two-wheel fantasies yet the notion of straddling a full-grown steel-horse is a bit intimidating, and the idea of earning your wings on a scooter is just too scooter-ish, the Honda CBR250R is an ideal entry pass into the world of motorcycle riding. Honda bills the first-time bike as smart and fun packed, and it's clearly that, but this honest and stylish little workhorse proves that inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.

The fuel-injected 2011 to 2016 CBR250R offer everything you want in a first-time bike and then some. It's of course light weight and offers a totally comforting beginner-friendly power-band with fuel economy stats that make Hybrids weep (Honda claims up to 75mpg). Honda's CBR250R equipped with a 249cc single-cylinder, fuel injected engine, a sweet fairing that mimics the CBR1000RR, refuses to cater to the idea that just because it's small, it's anything less than a real motorcycle. Sure it's a great learner machine and a great introduction to the sport for legions of newbies, yet it's so full of features that experienced riders will appreciate it as well. The CBR250R is a dependable cross-town commuter that if called upon, can actually become cross-country transportation. How many scooters dare make that claim?
Restriction Chart for HA-2511 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for HA-2511 Air Filter

The CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with Honda's Anti-lock Brake System - a first for this size motorcycle. The CBR isn't smoking fast, although it is content to sit at 75mph for mile after mile. Cranking out just 26bhp the intention was never to be furious or fast; it's all about pleasure riding, looking smooth and gaining experience before moving further up the capacity ladder.

Long before you begin thinking about moving up the displacement ladder though, you can consider a performance bump for the CBR by simply upgrading the existing stock factory installed air filter with K&N's HA-2511 high-performance air filter. HA-2511 was designed to increase horsepower and torque while providing excellent filtration for your CBR engine. This air filter is a direct replacement for the stock filter making the installation procedure simple.

Additionally, this will be the only motorcycle air filter you'll ever buy for your CBR, being that it's backed with K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty. And based on driving conditions, you won't even need to think about cleaning your HA-2511 air filter for up to 50,000 care-free miles. When it is time to finally clean the air filter that provides outstanding engine protection and high air flow, you simply wash, re-oil and reuse it for the next series of two-wheel adventures.

K&N HA-2511 fits the following:

2016 HONDA CBR300R ABS 286
2016 HONDA CBR300R 286
2016 HONDA CB300F 286
2015 HONDA CBR300R ABS 286
2015 HONDA CBR300R 286
2015 HONDA CB300F 286
2013 HONDA CBR250R ABS 249
2013 HONDA CBR250R 249
2012 HONDA CBR250R 249
2011 HONDA CBR250R 249

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