2011 and 2016 BMW Luxury Touring K1600GT and GTL Motorcycles Gear-Up with K&N

Replacement Air Filter for BMW K1600
Replacement Air Filter for BMW K1600
Scott Moreno, or Ali Baba as he’s called in Morocco is the managing director of Iberian Moto Tours in Madrid, Spain. He’s known for a long while that to be at the top of the game, you need the very best equipment. Moreno wouldn’t think of using anything other than BMW motorcycles when touring Northern Africa and riding through the Sahara Desert. Traversing nearly paved, single-lane, mountain switch-backs on a Beemer significantly ups the pleasure quotient, while reducing the trepidation factor. Challenging adventure is how BMW has earned its valued DNA. They manage well to keep the rubber-side down, and the pistons cranking, when lesser bikes give up the ghost.
Restriction Chart for BM-1611 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for BM-1611 Air Filter

Tasked with riding cross-country, or through more than a few towns, the new go-to machine is the BMW luxury touring K1600GT and GTL. The German-motorsports conglomerate is well known for zigging when others zag. They're continually restless for new machinery and frequently that leads to new daring designs, so it comes as no revelation that the premium-grade luxury touring K-bikes are everything but conformist.

Although the K1600 weighs almost 154 pounds less than its nearest class competitor, it still manages to convey that encouraging, large touring motorcycle sensation. With its suggestively sculpted lines and aerodynamic, envelope-piercing silhouette, rocketing at mach speeds seems nearly reasonable.

Most motorcycles can get you from here to there, but it's how you choose to take the journey that makes all the difference and no expedition is complete until it reaches its planned destination. K-bikes plain and simply get that done in a style and class all their own. Few things, if any, could improve upon K-bikes near perfection, or be anywhere near as cost-effective as swapping out the existing OEM air filter with a K&N BM-1611 high-performance replacement air filter before engaging on a tour. This air filter is a direct replacement for the stock air filter, so no modifications of any kind will be required.

K&N makes use of the highest level of dedicated engineering to produce the utmost quality motorcycle air filters available, surpassing even the fussiest BWW rider's demands. Producing excellent air filtration while providing a high flow of air, or better engine performance, is their single-mined goal and just like BMW, K&N has race proven results. The BM-1611 replacement air filter comes with K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty. In addition, you needn't even concern yourself with cleaning the K&N filter for as long as 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions, and that's a lot of adventure between servicing.

K&N BM-1611 fits the following:

2016 BMW K1600GTL EXCLUSIVE 1600
2016 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2016 BMW K1600GT 1600
2015 BMW K1600GTL EXCLUSIVE 1600
2015 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2015 BMW K1600GT 1600
2014 BMW K1600GTL EXCLUSIVE 1600
2014 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2014 BMW K1600GT SPORT 1600
2014 BMW K1600GT 1600
2013 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2013 BMW K1600GT 1600
2012 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2012 BMW K1600GT 1600
2011 BMW K1600GTL 1600
2011 BMW K1600GT 1600

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