2010 -2011 PZEV Ford Focus Gains Estimated 5.8 Horsepower With A K&N Typhoon Air Intake

The kit is tested during the design phase to assure compatability with the Mass Air Flow sensor

The Typhoon air intake kit includes fittings for the MAF sensor and other needed hoses

The 2010 and 2011 PZEV Focus was offered by Ford in an effort to earn offset emissions credits in key states. The PVEZ (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) engine was based the 2.0L Duratec, a four-cylinder design with an aluminum block with cast-iron liners and a chain-driven DOHC, 16-valve aluminum cylinder head. Other features include forged connecting rods and a cast crankshaft. Power in the PZEV engine was reduced eight horsepower versus the standard version, producing 132 horsepower at 6,000 rpm with 133 lb-ft of torque at 4,250 rpm.

That’s where K&N comes in. With the installation of a K&N 69-3516TTK Typhoon cold air intake system into a 2010 – 2011 PVEZ Ford Focus, owners can enjoy improved throttle response and engine sound, plus the addition of an estimated 5.83 horsepower at the drive wheels.

Cool air makes more power than hot air. So does an increased flow of air. The key is to draw larger volumes of fresh, clean air directly from outside the vehicle, and then isolate it from high underhood temperatures. With the K&N 69-3516TTK Typhoon air intake system, intake air first enters a black rubber topped K&N RU-4960XD high-flow air filter sited within a heat shield that’s installed into the original air box location.

The heat shield and filter are designed to be located in the original air box space

The heat shield isolates the filter from underhood heat, allowing only cold air to flow to the motor

Much of the horsepower gain can be attributed to the oversized conical air filter manufactured from multiple layers of oiled cotton filter media -- which offers less resistance than traditional paper filters. The multi-layered red cotton material also filters out microparticles that could damage your engine. Each filter design is verified through K&N’s in-house testing lab, which adheres to ISO 5011 standards, ensuring that your K&N filter provides high airflow without putting engine protection at risk.

The filtered air is then directed through an aerodynamically-verified textured black powder-coat aluminum tube into the engine’s throttle body for almost a six horsepower gain. The intake tube includes fittings for the factory Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, crank case vent hose, and a replacement silicone EVAP vent line.

Dynamometer testing verified an estimated increase from 104.28 horsepower to 110.11 horsepower, as measured at the drive wheels, on the same Ford Focus on the same day, with the only change being the installation of a K&N 69-3516TTK Typhoon air intake system.

The K&N RU-4960XD provides outstanding air flow with excellent filtration characteristics

The tapered cylinder shaped K&N air filter is made from highly-effective oiled cotton fibers

Best of all, the K&N 69-3516TTK cold air intake system can be installed in 90 minutes or less with simple hand tools. All tools required are listed in the clear, step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions specific to your Ford Focus that comes included in the shipping carton.

And once you’ve installed your K&N intake system, you’ve eliminated the need to buy another air filter for the life of your covered 2008 – 2010 Ford Focus. The only maintenance required is a simple service you can do yourself. At intervals of around 100,000 miles, depending on driving conditions, use the K&N 99-5050 Recharger Kit to clean and refresh your air filter.

The K&N air filter you purchase is designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, which K&N guarantees will perform with a 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty without requiring replacement.

The K&N 69-3516TTK intake system is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2011 FORD FOCUS 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - PZEV
2010 FORD FOCUS 2.0L L4 Fuel Injection - PZEV