2008 Toyota Tundra with K&N Performance Air Intake Big Hit at SEMA

A 2008 Toyota Tundra stood out in the K&N Engineering booth at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) 2007 at Las Vegas, Nevada.
2008 Toyota Tundra at SEMA 2007
2008 Toyota Tundra at SEMA 2007
K&N air intake system (77-9031-1KP)
K&N air intake system (77-9031KP-1)
The truck was selected for the convention because it is so new to the market. “It was a loan from Moss Brothers Toyota in Moreno Valley, California,” said K&N Engineering’s Bert Heck. “We had nearly three weeks to make it our project truck. Our SEMA build is great because anyone who owns this truck can do the same thing to it that we did at K&N. We also added the K&N logo with orange and red flamed tails under the hood to showcase our air intake.”
K&N custom flames were painted on
K&N custom flames were painted on
2008 Toyota Tundra was very popular in the K&N booth
2008 Toyota Tundra was very popular in the K&N booth

The parts that were put on this vehicle are not custom made and can be purchased at auto parts stores. *See modifications list below.

Industry enthusiasts stopped by the K&N booth at SEMA all week long to see the Toyota. K&N staff was available to show the modifications and answer any questions about our new K&N performance air intake system (77-9031-1KP). “People were surprised we already had an air intake system for a 2008 vehicle,” said Heck. “With the K&N kit we get a 13.43 horsepower gain at 5142 RPM.”


Drop Kit: 4-inch front 6-inche rear from Bell Tech
Wheels: 24-inch X10-inch Claus Ettenberger
Tires: 305/35R24 Toyo
Bed Cover: By LEER
Radio: By Eclipse
Billet Grill: By T-Rex
Exhaust: By Flowmaster
Paint Work: Miscellaneous paint work by Bob Calles and Haynie designs
Window Tinting: By Lorenzo’s Mobile Tint
K&N: Performance Air Intake System (77-9031-1KP)

The Toyota Tundra went back to the dealership after the SEMA show with all the new modifications intact.

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