2008 HHR by Rick Dore Kustoms Gets Best SUV of Show from GM at SEMA

Rick Dore is known for his radical custom cars. The Arizona vehicle stylist brought several cars to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) 2007 at Las Vegas, Nevada. They were equipped with K&N Engineering products.

Rick Dore's 2008 HHR at SEMARick Dore's 2008 HHR at SEMA
Rick Dore says K&N gives him radical horsepower
Rick Dore says K&N gives him radical horsepower
His 2008 HHR design was recognized by General Motors as Best SUV of the SEMA Show. Dore gets the inspiration for his creations from desert landscapes. His Phoenix shop called Rick Dore Kustoms turns out cars that are recognized by enthusiasts worldwide.
K&N Engineeering's 63-3056 air intake system
K&N Engineering's 63-3056 air intake system
Dore won best of show from GM at SEMA
Dore won best of show from GM at SEMA

“It’s always nice to be recognized at SEMA,” said Dore. “When I go there I want people to go there and really like my stuff. I’m known for the new cars but I really love working on the radical custom older cars.”

Dore started his career in the automotive industry more than a decade ago. His resume contains a full list of awards. He has been named Builder of the Year on many occasions by hot rod magazines and custom car organizations. He also won the Heritage Award from Ford two years ago. Dore’s list includes the Harley Bradley Design Achievement and World’s Most Beautiful Custom awards.

“I have three cars on covers of magazines in Germany and Holland,” said Dore. “I also designed a 1953 Skylark for Metallica’s James Hetfield. This year, James and I will do a 1937 Ford. The Skylark is equipped with K&N Filters and the 1937 Ford also will have K&N.”

Dore said he likes to be unconventional with his designs. “One thing I don’t change is K&N,” he said. “A lot of other companies claim they give you more horsepower, but K&N really does. I notice a radical difference in performance when I add K&N. The other good thing about the product is I can easily make K&N fit on the older cars.”

Some of the add-ons to the 2008 HHR from SEMA are:

K&N: 63-3056 air intake system
Art Hinsl: paint
Cardinal Electronics
Kicker Audio: stereo
E&G Classic: grille
Bonspeed: wheels

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