2008-2011 Yamaha FZ16 and Fazer Motorcycles Increase Performance with K&N Air Filter

Replacement Air Filter for 2008-2011 Yamaha FZ16s and Fazer 153s
Replacement Air Filter for 2008-2011 Yamaha FZ16s and Fazer 153s
In India, where small displacement motorcycles are the rule rather than the exception, the Yamaha FZ-16 and Fazer 153 are bringing the company back from near extinction. Both motorcycles are manufactured by India Yamaha Motor, and after several years hibernating, the Japanese giant has once again made a motorcycle that captures the heart of the Indian enthusiast, as they have become the country's best all-round 150cc bikes.

The international version of the Yamaha Fazer is now the third variant in India, and it's built on the same platform as the FZ16. The FZ16 in turn was inspired by its popular counterpart the FZ1, with a scaled down engine better suited to for Indian roads. The baby FZ and Fazer have reignited a much need flurry of sales activity for Yamaha, proving once more that bigger isn't necessarily better.
Restriction Chart for YA-1611 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for YA-1611 Air Filter

Both motorcycles have the same engine, but the overall performance is delivered slightly different, which changes the way the bikes handle as well. The costs of the bikes vary a bit too. The Fazer goes in the touring section and the FZ leans more towards the racing section. It's a brilliant approach that opens friendly debate and has made the FZ and the Fazer two of the best mid-segment bikes in the overall Indian transportation sector.

The Yamaha models listed below use a 153cc, air-cooled four-stroke that puts out roughly 14 hp at 7500, and now both bikes can increase performance simply by replacing their stock air filters with K&N's YA-1611 reusable air filter. The YA-1611 high-performance air filter is a direct replacement for the stock factory installed filter, making the installation procedure identical. Adding performance is easy with K&N YA-1611. It's designed to increase horsepower and torque, without having to make any special modifications to the bike.

Moreover, this will be the last motorcycle air filter you'll ever buy for your FZ or Fazer, being that it's backed with K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty. Plus, you won't even need to think about cleaning your YA-1611 air filter for up to 50,000 trouble-free miles, depending on driving conditions. K&N air filters provide outstanding air filtration, and when it does become time to clean the filter, you simply wash and re-oil it using one of K&N's Recharger Kits.

K&N YA-1611 fits the following:

2011 Yamaha FZ16 153
2011 Yamaha FZ150 Fazer 153
2010 Yamaha FZ16 153
2010 Yamaha FZ150 Fazer 153
2009 Yamaha FZ16 153
2009 Yamaha FZ150 Fazer 153
2008 Yamaha FZ16 153

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