2007 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab Design with K&N Air Intake Popular at SEMA

Scott Harris of Gilbert, Arizona showed off his custom one-of-a-kind showcase 2007 Chevrolet Crew Colorado Cab in Las Vegas, Nevada at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) 2007.

Customizer Scott Harris uses K&N
Customizer Scott Harris uses K&N

Showcase Colorado Crew Cab at SEMA
Showcase Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab at SEMA
Harris is known as one of the best customizers in the automotive industry and prefers working on mini trucks. LEER contacted Harris to create a truck for their booth at SEMA. "My contact at LEER knows everyone in the business," said Harris. "They helped with parts, accessories, installations and modifications that would otherwise be impossible for someone like me to acquire."
Project truck at SEMA with K&N products
Project truck at SEMA with K&N products

K&N's 63-3064-1
K&N's 63-3064-1

Harris also did a lot of the ground work and made many phone calls for parts. One of those calls went to K&N Engineering. "I pick and choose the best parts for my trucks," he said. "K&N makes the best intake system (63-3064-1) out there for additional horsepower on this Chevrolet."

Along with K&N, Harris' latest design reads like an aftermarket hall of fame. *See below for a list of other notable suppliers.

Scott's finished transformation touched every part of the vehicle, from performance and power to appearance and entertainment. The result was a dream vehicle at SEMA. "Everyone that stopped by liked the truck," said Harris. "All my sponsors had good things to say about the finished product. SEMA provided good exposure for everyone involved."

Harris' truck will appear in other major shows across the country over the course of next year. For now, he is remaining quiet about his next project truck. For more information see K&N's video on Harris' 2007 Chevy Colorado.  For a list of all K&N videos see www.KNFilters.com/video/kn_all_videos.htm.

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