2007 and 2008 BMW 750 I, BMW 750 LI and BMW 760 LI Gain Lifetime Performance Air Filter

The new BMW 760LI has a V12 engine and generates 438 horsepower. Simply put, it's a vehicle that goes at the touch of the gas pedal. The car also uses a 6-speed steptronic automatic transmission and direct fuel injection for improved fuel economy.

K&N's 33-2313 Replacement Air Filter
K&N's 33-2313 Replacement Air Filter
K&N Engineering has designed a new lifetime replacement air filter (33-2410) for 2007 and 2008 BMW 760LI with a 6.0 liter engine, BMW 750 I 4.8L and BMW 750 LI 4.8L models. See the complete application list below. Two K&N air filters are provided in the box and are required for each of these models.

These K&N air filters are engineered to fit directly into each factory air box, and no cutting and fitting are required. These filters are 1.875 inches tall because of the carbon trap on the airbox lid. This allows the K&N air filters to sit lower in the base of the airbox. The simple drop-in design makes it an easy performance add-on for your BMW. The 33-2410 is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration.

All K&N air filters are washable and reusable and backed by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty. It will be the last air filter your vehicle will every need.

Applications are as follows:
2008 BMW 760LI 6.0L V12 US
2008 BMW 750LI 4.8L V8 US
2008 BMW 750I 4.8L V8 US
2007 BMW 760LI 6.0L V12 US
2007 BMW 750LI 4.8L V8 US
2007 BMW 750I 4.8L V8 US

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