2007 - 2013 Honda FourTrax Rancher TRX420 Performance Air Filter Available

Replacement Air Filter for 2007 to 2013 Honda FourTrax Rancher TRX420
Replacement Air Filter for 2007 to 2013 Honda FourTrax Rancher TRX420
The Honda FourTrax Rancher TRX420 can be noted for its everlasting dependability and versatility. Before work or play the fuel injected 4WD quad has the juice to back it up. What better way to utilize the quads full potential than with K&N's HA-4207 performance air filter for models years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013? For those dusty ranches or muddy bogs why would you risk your engine's protection when you can have a K&N high flow, high filtration air filter that has been proven off and on the road since 1969?
Restriction Chart for 2007 to 2013 Honda FourTrax Rancher ES (TRX420TE)
Restriction Chart for HA-4207 Air Filter

These filters are made with four layers of oiled cotton gauze which not only protects but allows the engine to breathe easier. K&N's ATV air filters are designed to increase throttle response and overall performance. Whether it's for herding cattle or making it over the next mountain pass K&N's HA-4207 will help your Honda Rancher get there.

Installation is simple as this filter simply clamps on the intake within the air box.  Step-by-step pictured installation instructions come with the filter.  The HA-4207 can hold a lot of dirt and debris while still flowing adequate air to the engine giving it a long service interval.  When it does become dirty enough to need cleaning it can be serviced with a K&N cleaning kit and used over and over again.

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