2006 Rallycross Season Ends Early for Junior Driver

Liam Harrison is the UK’s front running Junior Rallycross driver. Unfortunately, Harrison was forced to end his 2006 season early, after breaking his arm in a hockey game.

Liam Harrison, UK Junior Rallycross Liam Harrison, UK Junior Rallycross
Harrison started the season well with a string of podium finishes in the BRDA, BTRDA and MDA Rallycross Championships. He was on a course for a top five finish in the three championships.

Harrison had his cast removed, but the doctor recommended giving it lots of time to heal properly. “Liam’s disappoint is an understatement,” said Rob Harrison, Liam’s father. “Missing the final few races of the season are sadly unavoidable.”

Liam Harrison will be 17 at the end of October and this means he will graduate into one of the senior racing categories. He has options available in 2007.

“I will return again next season and we are close to announcing what class we’ll be racing in,” said Liam Harrison. “It will be a big change from the Junior Mini’s. That category provided a friendly but competitive crowd of drivers to race against.”

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