1996 to 2002 Lotus Elise Roadster Owners Add Performance with K&N Air Intake System

The Lotus Elise was first released in England in late 1996. This roadster has a hand finished fiberglass body shell on top of its aluminum extrusion and bonded frame. It is capable of speeds up to 150 mph.

57A-6024 K&N performance intake system for Lotus Elise
57A-6030 K&N performance intake system for Lotus Elise
K&N Engineering has designed a performance intake system (57A-6030) for the 1996 to 2002 Lotus Elise 1.8 liter engine. It is a custom design that uses K&N's Apollo air filter enclosure and a washable reusable K&N air filter. See application details below.

This K&N Apollo cold air intake system comes with adaptors to fit the Lotus Elise. The Apollo is designed to eliminate hot air problems and provide the benefits of an open cone filter and a standard air box in one unit.

The Apollo has a removable cold air feed attachment. This allows cooler outside air to be fed into the unit. Zip ties are provided to secure the cold air hose in position. It takes about 90 minutes or less to install this kit using simple hand tools.

Applications are as follows:

2002 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
2001 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
2000 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
1999 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
1998 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
1997 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4
1996 LOTUS ELISE 1.8L L4

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