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Performance Gold Wrench-Off® Oil Filters

Excellent Durability for Demanding Conditions

K&N® Performance Gold Wrench-Off® Oil Filters are engineered to provide high flow rates and exceptional protection from contaminants. Each filter comes with a hex nut welded to the top of the canister, allowing for easy removal with a standard wrench.

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Best in Class Performance & Convenience

Fast and easy wrench-off® removal. Heavy-duty canister for excellent durability. Pre-drilled nut for safety wire attachment. Anti-drainback valve (where applicable) keeps oil in the engine to help prevent dry starts. Rolled threads help ensure durable filter mounting. Heavy duty base plate with double-rolled seal.

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Protect Your Engine

Pleated synthetic blend filtration media helps provide high flow rates while removing most harmful contaminants. An anti-drainback valve and bypass/pressure relief valve (where applicable) help ensure consistent oil flow to your engine.

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High Flow Rates

High Flow Rates

Premium pleated filter media provides high flow rates. Compatible with conventional, synthetic, and blended motor oils.

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Heavy-Duty Construction

Heavy-Duty Construction

Features a durable heavy-gauge steel canister. Includes a heavy-duty base plate with double-rolled seal.

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Go Green

Environmentally Friendly

High capacity to withstand the longer service intervals now recommended by some vehicle manufacturers.

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Testing Lab

Extensively Tested

Laboratory tested for efficiency, capacity, and burst strength. 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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K&N Oil Filter Install

Easy to Remove

A durable one-inch nut is welded to the top of the canister for easy removal. Conveniently pre-drilled nut for safety wire attachment.

Customer Review

“This oil filter is the best choice and easiest to install/remove for my 2007 Ducati sport 1000s. I only trust this brand for all my 3 bikes. Thanks for such a great product.”

K&N Oil Filter

Jason from Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when it’s time to change my fuel filter?

Some symptoms indicating that you might need to change your fuel filter can be:

  • Engine sputtering on start-up
  • Engine stalling or dying
  • Idling issues
  • Acceleration issues

Consult your vehicle Owner’s Manual for regularly scheduled maintenance and service intervals.

What does a fuel filter do for a car?

Fuel filters help to protect your engine by ensuring that there is a constant and smooth flow of fuel.

What motor oils are compatible with the Performance Gold Wrench-Off® filters?

Performance Gold Wrench-Off® filters are compatible with conventional, synthetic, and blended motor oils.

How can I find the oil filter that fits my vehicle?

Visit and enter your vehicle information to find all of the products that are compatible with your model and year.

Is the hex nut on the filter canister intended for both installation and removal?

No—the hex nut is intended for removal only. If you attempt to use the nut to tighten the filter on installation, you may end up over-tightening the filter or causing damage to the spot welds on the filter—which could result in cracking and leakage while the filter is in service.