K&N Apollo Universal Closed Air Intake Systems

K&N APOLLO CIS® Universal Closed Air Intake Systems

  • Designed to Increase Horsepower & Acceleration
  • Washable/Reusable K&N High-Flow Air Filter
  • Increases Volumetric Efficiency
  • Reduces Heat Build Up
  • Minimizes Air Turbulence
  • High Air Flow with Excellent Filtration
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®

K&N Apollo Closed Air Intakes

The K&N Apollo CIS (Closed Intake System) is a universal type air intake system incorporating a washable/reusable K&N High-Flow Air Filter. The Apollo's specially designed shape increases volumetric efficiency and provides the benefits of an open cone filter and standard air box in one unit. Heat build up is reduced which keeps the intake charge cool. Smooth internal features minimize air turbulence and maximize air flow.

The Apollo's outer shell is made of a durable lightweight material that helps keep incoming air cool as it enters the engine chamber. K&N's Apollo system includes a cold air hose with a specially designed radius end cap so cooler outside air can be directed into the engine. The Apollo has a 70mm base flange. It is supplied with a pack of vent adaptors to incorporate most engine breathers and temperature sensors from the original air box assembly back into the Apollo. Included vent sizes are 1/2" outside diameter, 3/8" outside diameter, 1/2" outside diameter, 5/8" outside diameter and a blanking plug if a vent adaptor is not required.

Additional accessories include a range of stepped adaptors: 70mm – 70mm (part 85-6002), 70mm - 60mm (part 85-6003), and 70mm - 80mm (part 85-6001). A saddle bracket kit (part 85-6004) for easy mounting to your vehicle is also available.

The Apollo is ideal for normally aspired engines up to 250BHP and turbo engines up to 350BHP. It allows for updating your intake system while retaining a closed environment.

The K&N Apollo CIS contains a general multi-lingual installation sheet with pictures. The Apollo is backed by the K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®.


Note: Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a highway. See for CARB status on each part for a specific vehicle.

Apollo Universal Air Intake System RC-5052AL
Apollo Air Intake RC-5052AL

Apollo Universal Air Intake System RC-5052AR
Apollo Air Intake RC-5052AR

Apollo Universal Air Intake System RC-5052AS
Apollo Air Intake RC-5052AS

K&N Orion Universal Air Intake System
K&N Orion Universal Air Intake System 54-5000

K&N Orion Intake System

  • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration
  • Includes injection-molded filter housing
  • Washable and reusable lifetime air filter, includes molded velocity stack
  • Flow tested assembly for optimal air flow and minimal pressure loss
  • High air flow with excellent filtration
  • Mounting hardware, vent adapters and cold air hose separately available
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®

The K&N Orion Intake System is a universal cold air intake system. The Orion assembly is designed to increase volumetric efficiency and engine horsepower. The Orion universal intake incorporates a K&N cotton gauze air filter which is washable, reusable, and provides the benefit of an open cone filter and standard air box in one unit. The plastic injection-molded housing acts as a heat shield to help prevent power loss.