Video - The world-renowned Roadster Shop debuts its latest creation in the 2017 K&N SEMA booth. This 1970 Camaro named Split Second lives up to the legendary quality typical of Roadster Shop builds

The world-renowned Roadster Shop debuts its latest creation at the K&N Booth 22755 this week during the 2017 SEMA Show. The 1970 Camaro named Split Second was constructed to the usual high Roadster Shop standards of ingenuity and quality. Featuring a Nelson Racing twin-turbo 427 small block making almost 1600 horsepower, this Camaro is a beauty and a beast!


My name is Phil Gerber from the Roadster Shop My name is Jeremy Gerber. I’m the co owner of the Roadster Shop and I’m standing in front of our Split-Second 1970 Camaro. The concept of this car was to build a hardcore performance driver. To keep something that’s kind of modern/high-tech but still really true to the original Camaro. The styling that you see and the look that it has…that’s pretty much all secondary to the performance and the drivability of it. The big focal point under the hood is the Nelson Racing twin-turbo 427 small block making almost 1600 horsepower. It’s got 2 completely different standalone fuel systems. When it’s on the street running up to a bout 1,000 horsepower, it’s running on 93 octane fuel out of one fuel system. As you’re making the horsepower and the boost is coming up, it blasts it with c16 race gas and it just explodes…takes off like a rocket. With car that’s making this kind of horsepower, you have to let it breathe and the K&N filter setup is going to let it make that power. We chose K&N for this build the same reason as we do on every other build. It’s kind of the industry mainstay. I mean there’s 2 things we know for sure: it’s getting a Roadster Shop chassis and it’s getting a K&N air filter. It’s the name in air filters. We trust them. We know what’s going to be going through the filter, protecting the motor. They have stuff in every size. We always have kind of unique applications and they’ve got such a wide range of products we can always fit something into the car we’re building. It feels great to be in K&N’s booth. It’s an awesome booth location, awesome group of guys. SEMA is the Super Bowl of our industry. Everybody’s here, everybody’s going to see it. And it’s a great spot to promote the car, promote the products, and promote people involved with the build.

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