Video - Often thought to be undesirable, this 1992 Ford F250 proves that theres a place for any cool vehicle at SEMA

When you're at SEMA, it's easy to get lost in a sea of Ford Raptors and Ram Powerwagons. Less common are "square body" Ford trucks, but Jason Tidiken set out to prove that this generation of trucks still has a place at the event.


My name is Jason Tidiken, owner of Innov8 racing, and the truck here is a 1992 F250. We wanted to do what is called an old body style Ford. So it’s a square body style Ford. For many years I’ve had a love affair with the old Fords and so we wanted to do the baddest crew cab Ford Prerunner that we could come up with. Obviously it’s built for the desert so we’ll do quite a few desert trips on it. Pismo, Glamis, that kind of stuff. And I’m really hoping I can get back to the mid west too. I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I kind of want to get back there. I’ve been using K&N filters for twenty years or something like that. I’ve never really deviated from K&N. Filtration is everything I mean otherwise you might as well not even go out. All the years I spent in the motorcycle industry…did a lot of business with K&N, designing intakes and air filter systems for Harley Davidsons. And then going into the truck thing what else was I going to use? I mean what else is there?

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