Video - Jake McKiddie, of Phat Phabz, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, builds an insane truck to haul his 1959 Cadillac

When a customer approached Jake McKiddie, of Phat Phabz, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to build a truck to haul his 1959 Cadillac from show to show, Jake started by cutting up a brand new $75,000 Ford F350 with a 6.7 L Power Stroke Diesel. First, Jake discarded the frame and built a new chassis from scratch to accommodate four 3800 lb. bags controlled by a Endo-VT tank with E-level. Jake says he’s been loyal to K&N from when he began building trucks and this platinum white beast has two of them: a K&N cold air intake system and a K&N cabin air filter. Watch the video to check out the amazing detail work on this build.


I’m Jake McKiddie from Phat Fabs in Oklahoma City. This is a 2017 F350 Platinum dually, owned by Dave Shulman of Orlando, Florida. Dave contacted us about building this dually to be a hauler for his 59 Cadillac to go around to all the shows across the country, and he wanted to look cool doing it. I use K&N filters on all my builds for he clean filtration they do for the motor and the cabin air filter. We always set the trend. We always come to SEMA with the newest stuff every year. We’ve been doing that for probably the past 4 or 5 years. We’re just trying to stay ahead of the game and set the trend.

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