Video - Competitors in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitiational need parts that tough enough to last the entire challenge

The genesis of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational happened when Cam Douglas decided to challenge SEMA car builders to actually drive their cars on the street and on the track. 10 years later, Optima is still challening builders to prove that their cars are beautiful and functioinal. Many competitors run K&N filters because of the proven reliability that the products provide.

My name is Jim McIlvaine, I’m the eCare manager for Optima Batteries. Optima’s running their 10th annual Ultimate Street Car Invitational. The genesis of this event started 10 years ago when my boss Cam Douglas walked the SEMA show, saw so many beautiful cars and trucks but started taking a closer look and started asking himself “Are these SEMA ready? Did they just get pushed in? Can they actually be driven on the street? Enjoyed on a racetrack?.” And that’s really what spawned the idea. So he invited as many as he could. I think most of them didn’t finish the weekend, but the idea of the Ultimate Street Car invitational resonated so much that people immediately started building cars to try to get an invitation to the next one. And the competition in this has evolved to the point that we now have a national series that runs at 7 tracks all over the country. K&N has been the presenting sponsor of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational for many years and basically from the start they’ve been very supportive of this. Because when you have a performance brand; whether it’s Optima Batteries or K&N filters, you want to be able to prove it in real world conditions and you want people that use the products in such a severe and challenging way that it will probably far outdo anything a typical consumer will experience when they own a product. So to have all the cars in this many of them running K&N Filters, it really shows how much those products really shine

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