Video - Check out this video and learn how to find the right air filter for your car or truck.

Can’t find your vehicle’s make, model, or engine size? This video is full of useful tips to help you find the information you need to buy the right air filter. Still can’t find it? No problem! We’ll tell you how to find your VIN and use it to search for parts.

Have you been putting off replacing your dirty air filter because you don’t know how to get started? It’s easy! Just go to and search by vehicle using your car’s year, make, model and engine size.

Oh no! You aren’t sure about your engine size. How do you find it?

Most cars have the engine size printed on an emissions sticker located under the hood.

If you find the engine size, use it on to find the filter that fits your car.

Can’t find your engine size? No problem. Another easy option is to use your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. Your VIN is located on the driver’s side dashboard and it can be read through your windshield.

With your VIN go to and use the Search by VIN to find the filter that fits your car.

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