Video - The K&N VF2049 washable cabin air filter was designed for the 2015-2017 Ford F150

The K&N VF2049 washable cabin air filter was designed for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Ford F150. K&N cabin air filters are electrostatically charged to hold dirt and dust, and helps capture most mold, mildew, fungus, spores, bacteria, germs, pollen and allergens. See how easy it is to keep the air inside your truck clean and fresh with this washable and reusable K&N cabin air filter. K&N washable cabin air filters clean and freshen the air coming into your car’s interior to help keep the air you breathe clean and fresh. They are electrostatically charged to hold dust and dirt, and best of all, K&N cabin air filters are washable and clean up easily with the K&N Refresher cabin air filter cleaning kit.

They come with simple installation instructions so you can easily replace your old filter, usually in five to ten minutes. The following steps will demonstrate how easy it is to install K&N part number VF2049 on a 2015 to 2017 Ford F-150.

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  • First, open the glove box and release the shock on the right side.
  • Release the glove box by pressing the tabs located on the outside of the glove box inward on each side.
  • Pull the tray off the dashboard, then remove the two screws located on each side.
  • Carefully unclip the housing from dashboard and then unplug the electrical connector on the left side of the housing.
  • Open the cabin filter door and remove the dirty cabin filter. Remove any debris that might be present inside the cabin filter housing.
  • Install the K&N cabin filter and close the cabin filter door.
  • Reconnect the electrical connector and replace the housing in the dashboard.
  • Replace the two previously removed screws, then replace the dashboard tray.
  • Reconnect the shock on the right side of the glove box door.
  • With the cabin filter installed, clean an area on the housing and apply the K&N Stop Decal. The decal will help notify others that this is a re-usable cabin filter.
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