K&N Vehicles Needed in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Attention Eindhoven, the Netherlands Residents:
K&N's Research and Development team needs your vehicle for prototyping Performance Induction Kits! If you own one of the listed vehicles, live near Eindhoven, and are willing to leave your vehicle with us for 1-5 working days, please select the vehicle from the list below then complete the remaining fields in the corresponding form. Please list all modifications that you have made to your vehicle. Anyone allowing K&N's R&D department to use their car, truck, SUV, or van for kit development will be compensated with a FREE air intake kit once the kit goes into production. Anyone allowing K&N's R&D department to use their motorcycle or ATV for use in air filter development will receive a FREE K&N air filter once it goes into production.

If your vehicle is not on the list below and you are willing to loan it to us if the need arises, please complete our Questionnaire and make sure you check the box that states we can contact you. When we need vehicles we will look for ones located nearby that were registered in our questionnaire.
 YearMakeModelEngineDate PostedComments
Select2012-2017 BMW F30/31320i/328iN2004 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2012-2019AudiA3 8V/8VS1.8TSi / 2.0TSi04 Dec 2018kit development
Select2017-2019AudiQ22.0TSi04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2012-2016BMW125iN2004 Dec 2018Typhoon kit passen
Select2012-2015BMW420iN2004 Dec 2018Typhoon kit passen
Select2016-2017BMWM2 08 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2014-2016BMWM235i 08 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2010-2017BMWX3 F2535iX07 Mar 2017Kit passen
Select2014-2017BMWX4 35iX07 Mar 2017Kit Passen
Select2013-2015BMW F32/33/36420i / 428iN2004 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2018-FordFiesta ST1.5 ecoboost04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-2017FordFiesta ST1.6 Turbo10 May 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-2015FordKuga1.6 Ecoboost14 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2014-2017FordMondeo1.5 Ecoboost14 Feb 2017Intake kit passen
Select2015FordMondeo2.0 Ecoboost17 Sep 2015intake kit passen
Select2012-2017FordRanger2.2d30 Mar 2017Kit ontwikkeling
Select2012-2017FordRanger3.2d30 Mar 2017Kit ontwikkeling
Select2017-2018HondaCivic X1.5i29 Mar 2018Intake kit passen
Select2015-2017Hyundaii30 (GD)1.6T-GDi15 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2013-2017Mazda62.0i08 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2013-2017Mazda62.5i08 Feb 2017Typhoon kit passen
Select2015-MazdaMX-5 (ND)1.5i & 2.0i11 Dec 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2015-2017MazdaMX-5 ND1.5i / 2.0i07 Mar 2017Kit passen van een van onze andere filter merken
Select2012-2018Mercedes BenzA160/A180/A2001.6i29 Mar 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-2018Mercedes BenzA220/A2502.0i29 Mar 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-2018Mercedes BenzCLA180/2001.6 Turbo29 Mar 2018kit ontwikkelen
Select2013-2018Mercedes BenzCLA200/2502.0L29 Mar 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2015-2018OpelAdam S1.4 Turbo10 May 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2009-OpelAstra J1.6 Turbo 170/200hp11 Dec 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-OpelCascade1.6 turbo11 Dec 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2017-2018OpelInsignia B1.6 Turbo & 2.0 Turbo29 Mar 2018Typhoon kit passen
Select2013-2017SeatLeon III1.8TSi / 2.0TSi07 Mar 2017Kit ontwikkeling
Select2017-2019SkodaKodiaq2.0TSi04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2013-2019SkodaOctavia III1.8TSi / 2.0TSi 04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2015-2019SkodaSuperB III1.8TSi / 2.0TSi 04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2017-2019VolkswagenGolf 7 GTi2.0TSi04 Dec 2018kit ontwikkeling
Select2015-2019VolkswagenPassat 3G2/3G51.8TSi / 2.0TSi04 Dec 2018Kit ontwikkeling
Select2017-VolkswagenPolo GTi (AW)2.0i11 Dec 2018Typhoon kit passen
Select2016-2018VolkswagenTouran 5T1.8TSi 29 Mar 2018Kit ontwikkeling