Sydney, NSW, Australia – K&N Engineering, Inc.

Attention Sydney, NSW residents
Want a free K&N air filter?
K&N's Research and Development teams may need your vehicle for fit checking of K&N air filters.
We are looking for Australian vehicles to fit check K&N air filters to confirm our catalogue listings. It does not take long – we just need to check OE numbers from your VIN number and then document the installation of the K&N air filter into the standard OE airbox. After a successful fit check, we will leave the K&N filter with you as our thanks for helping us.

If your vehicle is not on the list below and you are willing to let us use it for an air filter test fit in the future please complete our Questionnaire and make sure you check the box that states we can contact you. When we need vehicles not on the list we will look for ones listed in our questionnaire.
 YearMakeModelEngineDate PostedComments
Select2011-onCheryJ1 (S2X)1.3L Petrol01 Sep 201633-2827 (or 33-2830) Air Filter
Select2011-onCheryJ11 (T1X)2.0L Petrol01 Sep 201633-2443 Air Filter
Select1997-2001ChryslerGrand Voyager (GS)3.3L V6 Petrol15 May 201633-2087 Air Filter
Select2001-2008ChryslerGrand Voyager (RG)3.3L V6 Petrol15 May 201633-2206 Air Filter
Select2008-2011ChryslerGrand Voyager (RT)2.8L Diesel15 May 201633-2419 Air Filter
Select2008-2011ChryslerGrand Voyager (RT)3.8L V6 Petrol15 May 201633-2419 Air Filter
Select2015-2016FordEverest (UA)3.2L Diesel16 Jan 2017Air Filter
Select1996-2000FordLTD (DF/DL/AU)5.0L V8 Petrol19 May 201633-2015 Air Filter
Select1999-2000FordTE50/TL50/TS505.0L V8 Petrol19 May 201633-2015 Air Filter
Select2009-2015Great WallX240 (CC)2.4L L4 Petrol19 May 201633-2045 Air Filter
Select2005-2006HoldenAdventura3.6L / 5.7L Petrol14 May 201633-2116 Air Filter
Select2012-2016HoldenBarina (TM)1.6L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2935 Air Filter
Select2008-2012HoldenColorado (RC)2.4L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2918 Air Filter
Select2004-2007HoldenCommodore (VZ)3.6L / 5.7L Petrol15 May 201633-2116 Air Filter
Select2008-2010HoldenEpica (EP)2.0L Diesel15 May 201633-2997 Air Filter
Select2007-2011HoldenEpica (EP)2.5L L6 Petrol15 May 201633-2253 Air Filter
Select2003-2008HoldenRodeo (RA)3.0L Diesel15 May 2016E-2023 Air Filter
Select2003-2008HondaAccord Euro (CL/CM)2.4L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2276 Air Filter
Select2008-2015HondaAccord Euro (CU)2.4L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2430 Air Filter
Select2012-2014Hyundaii30 SR (FD)2.0L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-3008 Air Filter
Select2011-2012Hyundaii45 (YF)2.0L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2380 Air Filter
Select2010-2015Hyundaii45 (YF)2.4L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2451 Air Filter
Select2010-2012Hyundaii45 (YF)2.4L L4 Petrol15 May 201633-2448 Air Filter
Select2015-2016KiaCarnival (YP)2.2L Diesel15 May 201633-2493 Air Filter
Select2014-2016KiaPro_Ceed GT (JD)1.6L Turbo Petrol15 May 201633-3008 Air Filter
Select2003-2007NissanPatrol (GU)4.2L Diesel11 Jul 2016E-9267 Air Filter
Select2003-2016SubaruLiberty2.0L L4 Petrol/Diesel16 Jan 201733-2304 Air Filter
Select1989-2003SubaruLiberty2.2L L4 Petrol07 Dec 201633-2232 Air Filter