Cross Reference for K&N Air Filter E-4790

Product Information and Specifications for K&N Air Filter E-4790 Use this cross reference as a reference guide only! Use our application search to determine the K&N air filter that correctly fits your vehicle.
Part Numbers
AC Delco A357C
AC Delco PC2310E
AC Delco PC3288E
Air Refiner 27553
Air Refiner ARP52
Allis Chalmers 79008161
Alloy BB303
Arco AAF90
Atlas Copco A40
Auto Pace 434
Auto Par AC121
Auto Par AC131
Auto Pro 3067
Auto Value 2303
Autowize AA310
Award AAF90
Baldwin PA2005
Big A 93067
Bosch 1457429063
Bosch 1457429095
Bosch 9457228310
Bravo BA90
Bumper to Bumper BBA90
Cam2 CA90
Canadian Tire 2330670
Carcare 10525
Carquest 87067
Carquest BA90
Casite CFA90
Cenex CA817
Champ AF52
Champion AF07
Chevrolet VA90
Chrysler 8983500999
Citgo AF52
Citgo CA90
Clean MA432
Comline EAF312
Cruisemaster 338
Defense DA303
Deluxe AF817
Denckermann A140872
Deutsch A1124
Deutsch AF410
Donaldson AFR8410
Donaldson P524358
Dynalife CNA303
Econo Lube A40090
Evergard EA90
Facet 303
Fiaam FL6560
Filters Incorporated AF303
Filtron AR226
Flag A303
Fleetguard C8TF9601A
Fleetrite C8TZ9601A
Ford 488231
Ford 6484653
Ford 71HF9601FA
Ford 9974283
Ford E4ZE9601AA
Ford GMA303
Fram CA2668
Goodyear 2224560
Goodyear A303
Grease Monkey AF142
Group 7 TA30
Gulf GF338
Hastings APF90
Havoline TA30
Hengst E188L
Hengst E3L
Hutchen APF90
IMPCO 11448231
International Parts Service 1169963
ITM 1102500
ITM 1109805
Jiffy Lube A40090
Jiffy Lube HA303
Jiffy Lube JLA90
John Deere TY15368
Kager 120333
Kendall KA6
Kerr-McGee KMA303
Kmart KA17
Kmart MPA17
Knecht AG17
Knecht LX184
Kralinator LA376
Lee AFL90
Luber-Finer AF52
Lucas F702
Lucas F8300
Lucas F895
Magneti Marelli 154077169700
Mahle LX184
Mann-Hummel C2675
Mann-Hummel C3025
Marathon MA303
Master Parts AF52
Mechanics MAF303
Medco FAF90
Medco MAF90
MicroGard ARP90
MicroGard MGA303
Mighty A90
Minit Lube AF52
Mobil A40090
Mopar L401
Motorcraft FA1019R
Motorcraft FA52R
MPA 5514
Muller PA645
Napa 2067
Nelson 83509A
Nelson 84538S
P.B.R. AI3154
PartsMaster 62067
Pennzoil PZA17
Performax PA17
Phillips 66 PA90
Power Flo SA40090
Precision Tune AFP90
Pro Gauge PGA90
Pro-Tec 222
Promotive A40090
Pronto PA303
Purflux A458
Purolator A40090
Quaker State QSA303
Quality QFA90
Quinton Hazell WA6407
Road-x FCA90
Rockhill 62067
S&B W1200
Sears 45268
Sears 45411
Sears 45479
Sears 45807
Series 2 8222
Service 1 AF90
Service Pro MA90
Shefa S1790
Shell A40090
Sieg AS303
Silverline 22067
Sunoco A26
Target APF90
Tecnocar A645
Union 76 357
United U40A
Valu-test 4329
Valu-test V3067
Valvoline VA9
Vera 1101087
Walmi WA303
Walmi WAF10
Warner AF52
Western Auto 7459530
Western Auto 7460181
WIX 42067
WIX WA6407
WM. Penn WP303A
Yale & Towne 5160428
Yale & Towne 516042824
CROSS REFERENCE WARNING - When a specific air filter is not shown in our application search results for a specific vehicle application, it should be assumed that there is not a K&N filter for that vehicle. Any use of this cross reference guide to find a replacement air filter is done at the installer's risk. Note - Heavy Duty diesel filters are typically found by cross reference since they can vary by application.