Cross Reference for K&N Air Filter 33-2888

Product Information and Specifications for K&N Air Filter 33-2888 Use this cross reference as a reference guide only! Use our application search to determine the K&N air filter that correctly fits your vehicle.
Part Numbers
AC Delco A3606C
AC Delco A3689C
Audi 06F133843B
Audi 1K0129620B
Autopart International 5000232995
Autopart International 5000248992
Baldwin PA4396
Beck/Arnley 0421877
BMC FB40901
Carquest 248992
Carquest 83122
Champ Labs. AF3936
Fram CA10328
Hastings AF1357
KTM XCP00000921
Luber-Finer AF3936
Mahle LX1500
Mann-Hummel C41110
MicroGard MGA49020
MicroGard MGA49843
Mobil MA3936
Premium Guard PA5811
Pronto PA5811
Purepro A5626
Purolator A35826
Ryco A1640
Service Champ AF5626
Simota OV017
STP SA10256
Valvoline VA365
Volkswagen 06A133843B
Volkswagen 06F133837T
Volkswagen 06F133843A
Volkswagen 1J0129620
Warner WAF3936
Wesfil WA5104
WIX 49020
WIX 49843
CROSS REFERENCE WARNING - When a specific air filter is not shown in our application search results for a specific vehicle application, it should be assumed that there is not a K&N filter for that vehicle. Any use of this cross reference guide to find a replacement air filter is done at the installer's risk. Note - Heavy Duty diesel filters are typically found by cross reference since they can vary by application.