K&N Air Filters Using Mold Number D045A4

Select each air filter part below to match the needed dimensions and specifications.
Air Filter PartPictureMold Number 1Mold Number 2
R-0640 D045A4F015A4
R-1390 D045A4F023F4
RU-0990 D045A4F023F4
RU-1100 D045A4F023F4
RU-1140 D045A4F022B4
RU-1150 D045A4F022B4
RU-1180 D045A4F024E4
RU-1220 D045A4F024C4
RU-1230 D045A4F024C4
RU-1240 D045A4F024C4
RU-1260 D045A4F024C4
RU-1370 D045A4F024D4
RU-1371 D045A4F024M4
RU-1380 D045A4F024D4
RU-1390 D045A4F024D4
RU-1810 D045A4F024E4
RU-1830 D045A4F025D4
RU-1840 D045A4F025D4
RU-4190 D045A4F035B6