K&N Air Filters Using Mold Number B045A6

Select each air filter part below to match the needed dimensions and specifications.
Air Filter PartPictureMold Number 1Mold Number 2
E-2021 B045A6F031H6
HA-2504 B045A6F029A6
HA-3350 B045A6F029A6
HA-4400 B045A6F031H6
R-1380 B045A6F024B6
RA-0600 B045A6F026A4
RU-2630 B045A6F026A6
RU-2640 B045A6F026A6
RU-2650 B045A6F026A6
RU-4600 B045A6F060C6
RU-4740 B045A6F045A6
RU-5147 B045A6F050A6
RU-5163 B045A6F050A6
RU-5163XD B045A6F050A6