K&N Replacement Air Filters for Suzuki Motorcycles

K&N SU series Suzuki motorcycle air filters are designed to increase horsepower and torque. The SU series air filter is constructed with pleated filter media that provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals. All K&N automotive air filters are washable, reusable and easy to install.

Select a K&N air filter part number below for pictures, specifications and Suzuki motorcycle applications.

SU-0006 SU-1017 SU-1399 SU-2391 SU-3590 SU-4250 SU-5589 SU-6595 SU-7504 SU-7596
SU-0007-A SU-1017R SU-1402 SU-2497 SU-4000 SU-4250PY SU-6000 SU-6596 SU-7506 SU-8001
SU-0015 SU-1191 SU-1409 SU-2501 SU-4000PK SU-4506 SU-6006 SU-6596DK SU-7506R SU-8005
SU-1002 SU-1200 SU-1487 SU-2504 SU-4002 SU-4506DK SU-6303 SU-6599 SU-7511 SU-8009
SU-1005 SU-1250 SU-1506 SU-2504PK SU-4002-T SU-5002 SU-6503 SU-7005 SU-7511R SU-8086
SU-1005R SU-1284 SU-1517 SU-2513 SU-4002-TDK SU-5098 SU-6505 SU-7005DK SU-7588 SU-8087
SU-1009 SU-1308 SU-1598 SU-2588 SU-4002PK SU-5098PY SU-6509 SU-7086 SU-7592 SU-9094
SU-1009R SU-1308R SU-1691 SU-2596 SU-4007 SU-5500 SU-6590 SU-7500 SU-7593 SU-9915
SU-1014 SU-1348 SU-1806 SU-2599 SU-4230 SU-5503 SU-6590PY SU-7503