K&N KA Series Air Filter Information by Part Number

K&N KA series air filters are designed to increase in horsepower and torque in the Kawasaki motorcycle. KA series air filters are constructed with multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media that offers excellent filtration and performance. K&N air filters are washable, reusable and easy to install. K&N KA series air filters come with a 10-Year/Million-Mile Limited Warranty.

K&N air filters for Kawasaki Motorcycles. Select a K&N air filter part number below for pictures, vehicle applications, and specifications.

KA-0004 KA-1008R KA-1150 KA-1408 KA-2414 KA-4093 KA-6005 KA-6502 KA-7504PK KA-7596
KA-0009 KA-1010 KA-1183 KA-1594 KA-2504 KA-4093PL KA-6007 KA-6503 KA-7508 KA-8076
KA-0018 KA-1011 KA-1192 KA-1596 KA-2506XD KA-4408 KA-6007R KA-6503PK KA-7508DK KA-8077
KA-0750 KA-1011R KA-1199 KA-1600 KA-2508 KA-4408DK KA-6009 KA-6512 KA-7512 KA-8088
KA-0800 KA-1016 KA-1200 KA-1603 KA-2586 KA-4508 KA-6009R KA-6589 KA-7513 KA-8095
KA-0850 KA-1016R KA-1203 KA-1700 KA-2587 KA-4508DK KA-6085 KA-6589PL KA-7580 KA-9006
KA-0883 KA-1088 KA-1287 KA-1709 KA-2712 KA-4516XD KA-6093 KA-7408 KA-7583 KA-9084
KA-1000 KA-1093 KA-1297 KA-1780 KA-3603 KA-5087 KA-6095 KA-7408DK KA-7586 KA-9094
KA-1003 KA-1100 KA-1299-1 KA-2008 KA-3603PK KA-5090 KA-6098 KA-7500 KA-7587 KA-9098
KA-1004 KA-1102 KA-1350 KA-2288 KA-4010 KA-5096 KA-6201 KA-7504 KA-7589 KA-9915
KA-1008 KA-1111 KA-1406 KA-2288PL KA-4091 KA-6003