K&N HA Series Air Filter Information by Part Number

K&N HA series air filters for Honda Motorcycles are designed to provide an increase horsepower and torque. The HA series air filters are specifically developed for off-road, motocross, ATVs and UTVs and fit directly into the OEM air box with application specific sealing bead ensuring a precise fit. Like all K&N automotive air filters, the HA series filters are washable and reusable. K&N HA series air filters include a one year limited warranty.

K&N air filters for Honda Motorcycles. Select a K&N air filter part number below for pictures, vehicle applications, and specifications.

HA-0001 HA-1004 HA-1191 HA-1315 HA-2420 HA-3011 HA-4250PR HA-5015 HA-6199 HA-7504
HA-0003 HA-1004R HA-1197 HA-1315PR HA-2440 HA-3084 HA-4350 HA-5083 HA-6414 HA-7580
HA-0008 HA-1006 HA-1199 HA-1326 HA-2440PR HA-3093 HA-4400 HA-5094 HA-6500 HA-7587
HA-0011 HA-1008 HA-1202 HA-1330 HA-2500-1 HA-3093PR HA-4400PR HA-5100 HA-6501 HA-7591
HA-0100 HA-1008R HA-1210 HA-1416 HA-2501 HA-3094 HA-4435 HA-5583 HA-6505 HA-7594
HA-0201 HA-1009 HA-1211 HA-1502 HA-2504 HA-3094PR HA-4503DK HA-5907 HA-6583 HA-7598
HA-0300 HA-1010 HA-1213 HA-1503 HA-2504PR HA-3098 HA-4503XD HA-6001 HA-6592 HA-8080
HA-0301 HA-1013-1 HA-1245 HA-1507 HA-2505XD HA-3098PR HA-4504 HA-6002 HA-6592PR HA-8084
HA-0502 HA-1016 HA-1250 HA-1510 HA-2511 HA-3350 HA-4504-T HA-6003 HA-6708 HA-8085
HA-0510 HA-1017 HA-1294 HA-1513 HA-2513 HA-3500 HA-4504-TDK HA-6007 HA-6806 HA-8086
HA-0513 HA-1017R HA-1301 HA-1596 HA-2584 HA-3500PR HA-4504PR HA-6007R HA-6806DK HA-8088
HA-0700 HA-1050 HA-1302 HA-1598 HA-2586 HA-4020 HA-4506-T HA-6087 HA-6808 HA-8089
HA-0750 HA-1079 HA-1303 HA-1801 HA-2591 HA-4098 HA-4509XD HA-6088 HA-7008 HA-8098
HA-0783 HA-1087 HA-1310 HA-1802 HA-2591DK HA-4099 HA-4513XD HA-6089 HA-7010 HA-9002
HA-0800 HA-1088 HA-1312 HA-2000 HA-2596 HA-4099-T HA-4517XD HA-6091 HA-7012 HA-9092-A
HA-0850 HA-1100 HA-1312PR HA-2090 HA-2597 HA-4099-TDK HA-5000 HA-6095 HA-7084 HA-9200
HA-0900 HA-1110 HA-1313 HA-2090PR HA-2714 HA-4207 HA-5000PK HA-6098 HA-7417 HA-9502
HA-1000 HA-1185 HA-1314 HA-2410 HA-3010 HA-4250 HA-5013 HA-6099 HA-7500 HA-9916
HA-1003 HA-1187