Uphill Cliimb for Legends Car at Irwindale Speedway

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Norco, California teen Cody Swanson faced the latest Legends Series race at Irwindale Speedway with a new motor in his No. 89 car.

Cody Swanson in the No. 89 Legends Car Cody Swanson in the No. 89 Legends Car
During the first two practices, he had to break it in and concentrate on the way the car handled. Qualifying was hard, Swanson ended up in 12th place. “I was going to have to fight to get up to a good finishing position in the 30 lap race,” he said. “I was able to improve my position to 11th by the end of the first lap and moved up to 10th by the end of lap five.”
Cody Swanson uses K&N Engineering Products
Cody Swanson uses K&N Engineering Products
Cody Swanson at Irwindale Speedway in California
Cody Swanson at Irwindale Speedway in California

The racing was very close but Swanson managed to move into 8th place. “There was a spin right in front of me and I just missed the No 148 car,” said Swanson. “When the caution came out I was 7th.” By lap 18 Swanson was only one position away from his goal of getting a top five spot.

“I was going to try as hard as I could to get it,” he said. “I was determined to pass the 5th place car.” It wasn’t meant to be, there was a problem with Swanson’s car. “The car started to smoke as I came into the corners,” he said. “I started to slow down and there was nothing I could do about it. The car in 7th place tried to take advantage of this and started shoving me though the corners.”

Swanson was not able to reel back in the 5th place car and finished the race in 6th place. “Considering my problems with the new motor, I was happy with the finish,” he said. “There are five races left and I still want a top finish.”

Swanson is sponsored by K&N Engineering. “The K&N Air Filter protects the high revving engine and allows it to breathe,” he said. “We also make awesome horsepower.”

Swanson rode his first dirt bike at 3-years-old. At 7, he was in his first go kart and began racing in competitions at 10. He is highly motivated and races at some of the most challenging tracks in the southwestern United States.

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