Team Aprilia's Ben Carlson 4 for 4 in AMA Supermoto Unlimited

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Ben Carlson is four-for-four. The Aprilia Factory racer kept his perfect season intact at Waterford Hills Road Course in Round 4 of the AMA Supermoto Unlimited Series.

Aprilia Factory Racing uses K&N Engineering Products
Aprilia Factory Racing uses K&N Engineering Products
Carlson’s latest win in the Detroit area was a little more difficult than his first three wins of the season. Aprilia Factory teammate Darryl Atkins was right behind him during the entire race. The close racing between teammates kept the fans cheering for the V-Twin machines.
Ben Carlson and Darryl Atkins are one and two at Waterford Raceway Ben Carlson and Darryl Atkins are one and two at Waterford Raceway
Ben Carlson takes fourth win in a row
Ben Carlson takes fourth win in a row

“I am pumped up to take another win,” said Ben Carlson. “I know both of us felt great through the heat race where Darryl and I were one and two. Darryl definitely pushed me hard out there. It was not an easy win.”

The battle started at the green. Carlson earned the hole-shot. Atkins was not as perfect on the start, but took second place in turn one on the first lap. “We made some huge gains through some rigorous suspension testing,” said Aprilia Factory Racing Rip-It Energy Fuels team owner Atkins. “We made some chassis changes and the suspension is awesome on the Aprilias.”

As the race continued the riders pushed with every lap. “Ben was super fast on the asphalt,” said Atkins. “I think I had some speed on him in the dirt, but the track was a bit narrow and tough to pass on the asphalt.” Atkins pulled up next to his teammate several times in the technical Urban Cross section.

“We came up on four lappers racing each other right at the end of the race,” said Carlson. “It was a gamble but I chose to dive inside and try to clear through, even though they slowed my pace a bit.” Atkins thought he could get Carlson at the end. “I started to go around the outside, but my Team Manager voice popped up and told me to bring it home,” said Atkins. He did not want to risk the pass and dropped back for a safe second place behind his teammate.

Aprilia Factory uses K&N Engineering products. We use K&N Air and Oil Filters,” said Atkins. “Our bikes run better and we gain horsepower on the track. The bikes were absolutely perfect this race,” said Atkins. “Ben and I were 100 percent confident.”

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