WE-Rock USA 2007 Series Third Place Finish for K&N Rock Crawler

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Donner Ski Ranch near Lake Tahoe, California hosted the 2007 WE-Rock Finals with the some of the toughest and most extreme courses of the entire rock crawling season. Cody and Jim Waggoner knew the first course was going to be tough. The first four rigs were not able to complete the course and one of their friends rolled off the side of a cliff.

Team Waggoner at Donner Ski Ranch Team Waggoner at Donner Ski Ranch
Team Waggoner uses K&N Products
Team Waggoner uses K&N Products
The Waggoner’s had the course planned and knew what they needed to do to complete it. They did not however plan on their radios to fail. They did not have the ability to communicate over the engine noise and it was difficult to maneuver though the course. “Unfortunately our team was also unable to finish the course,” said Lindsay Waggoner. “That made it a rough start for the day.”
Team Waggoner at WE-Rock Finals Team Waggoner at WE-Rock Finals
Driver and spotter communicate over tough courses
Driver and spotter communicate over tough courses

The team fixed the radios and they were ready to take on course A2. The father son team moved through a steep hill cleanly and were back on their game. “The next course was the most exciting,” said Waggoner. “The cones were placed in such a way that steep inclines had to be angled. Once you made it to the top, you had to make a sharp turn to miss another set of cones. We made it.” The Waggoner’s were still in the hunt for a top place finish.

“My K&N Engineering Air Filters are amazing,” said Cody Waggoner. “I run a total of four K&N filters. After two days of intense dust and dirt, K&N kept the dirt out and I still had the horsepower.”

The crowds came out in record numbers for the Sunday event. “The first course had a bonus option that was insane,” said Waggoner. “We were thinking of trying it to catch up on points, but reminded ourselves that if you don’t finish a course then you are worse off than before.” Cody and Jim Waggoner decided to get the course done with minimal penalty points and started the day out very well.

Course B3 and B4 had tight turns and hill climbs which forced every team to be on top of their game when it was time to communicate. Teamwork was critical between spotter and driver for top scores. Cody and Jim Waggoner finished the courses with near perfect scores and secured a 4th place position in the Shoot-Out. They were able to run through it clean finishing with a minute left on the clock to finish 4th.

Team Waggoner secured a third place series title in the WE-Rock USA 2007 Series. Their next event will be the Grand Nationals in September (location to be determined).

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