Luxury BMW and Ford GT Supercar Owners Get Best Cartridge Oil Filter from K&N

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BMW made its entry into the luxury SUV market with the X5. It is designed for on-road performance and handling. Ford also made its entry into the luxury supercar market with its new low-volume 550 hp GT. Inspired by the legendary GT40 racer that posted at Daytona and Le Mans, it is capable of going past 200 mph.

Oil Filter for some BMW and Ford GT
Oil Filter for some BMW and Ford GT
K&N Engineering has designed a Cartridge Oil Filter (PS-7007) for several different BMW models from 1996 to 2009, the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT and 2009 Volvo S80, V70, XC70 and XC90 models. It is designed to satisfy the needs of owners who want the very best oil filter available.

K&N Oil Filters are built from the ground up to trap harmful contaminants. A replacement gasket is included to ensure a positive seal on the cartridge housing to the engine block. K&N's HP-7004 slips into the OE housing for an easy fit.

K&N's Cartridge Oil Filters are covered by a limited warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship when installed and replaced using the engine and equipment manufacturer's recommended service interval.

Applications are as follows:

2009 VOLVO XC90 3.2L L6
2009 VOLVO XC70 3.2L L6
2009 VOLVO XC70 3.0L L6
2009 VOLVO V70 3.2L L6
2009 VOLVO S80 3.2L L6
2009 VOLVO S80 3.0L L6
2009 LAND ROVER LR2 3.2L L6
2009 BMW X3 SI 2.5L L6
2008 BMW Z4 3.4L L6
2008 BMW Z4 2.0L L4
2008 BMW X3 SI 2.5L L6
2008 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2008 BMW 330I 3.0L L6 F/I - Non-US
2008 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2008 BMW 320SI 2.0L L4
2008 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2007 BMW Z4 2.0L L4
2007 BMW X3 SI 2.5L L6
2007 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2007 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2007 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2007 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2007 BMW 320SI 2.0L L4
2007 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2006 FORD GT 5.4L V8
2006 BMW Z4 2.5L L6
2006 BMW Z4 2.2L L6
2006 BMW Z4 2.0L L4
2006 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2006 BMW X3 SI 3.0L L6
2006 BMW X3 SI 2.5L L6
2006 BMW X3 3.0L L6
2006 BMW X3 2.5L L6
2006 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2006 BMW 525I 3.0L L6
2006 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2006 BMW 320SI 2.0L L4
2006 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2005 FORD GT 5.4L V8
2005 BMW Z4 3.0L L6
2005 BMW Z4 2.5L L6
2005 BMW Z4 2.2L L6
2005 BMW Z4 2.0L L4
2005 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2005 BMW X3 3.0L L6
2005 BMW X3 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
2005 BMW 730I 3.0L L6
2005 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2005 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2005 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2005 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2005 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2005 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 325TI 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2005 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2005 BMW 320I 2.0L L4
2005 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2005 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
2004 BMW Z4 3.0L L6
2004 BMW Z4 2.5L L6
2004 BMW Z4 2.2L L6
2004 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2004 BMW X3 3.0L L6
2004 BMW X3 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
2004 BMW 730I 3.0L L6
2004 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2004 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2004 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2004 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2004 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2004 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 325TI 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 320I 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2004 BMW 320CI 2.5L L6
2004 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2004 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
2003 BMW Z4 3.0L L6
2003 BMW Z4 2.5L L6
2003 BMW Z4 2.2L L6
2003 BMW Z3 3.0L L6
2003 BMW Z3 2.2L L6
2003 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
2003 BMW 730I 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 525I 2.5L L6 F/I
2003 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2003 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
2003 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2003 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 325TI 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 320I 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2003 BMW 320CI 2.5L L6
2003 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2003 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
2002 BMW Z3 3.0L L6
2002 BMW Z3 2.5L L6
2002 BMW Z3 2.2L L6
2002 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2002 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
2002 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2002 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2002 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
2002 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2002 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2002 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2002 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 325TI 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 320I 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2002 BMW 320CI 2.5L L6
2002 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2002 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
2001 BMW Z3 3.0L L6
2001 BMW Z3 2.5L L6
2001 BMW Z3 2.2L L6
2001 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2001 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
2001 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
2001 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2001 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2001 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
2001 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2001 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2001 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2001 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 325TI 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 320I 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2001 BMW 320CI 2.5L L6
2001 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2001 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
2000 BMW Z3 3.0L L6
2000 BMW Z3 2.8L L6
2000 BMW Z3 2.5L L6
2000 BMW Z3 2.2L L6
2000 BMW Z3 2.0L L6 F/I - to 9/00
2000 BMW X5 3.0L L6
2000 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
2000 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2000 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
2000 BMW 525I 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 520I 2.2L L6
2000 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
2000 BMW 330XI 3.0L L6
2000 BMW 330I 3.0L L6
2000 BMW 330CI 3.0L L6
2000 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
2000 BMW 328CI 2.8L L6
2000 BMW 325XI 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 325I 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 325CI 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 323TI 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 323I 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 323CI 2.5L L6
2000 BMW 320I 2.2L L6
2000 BMW 320I 2.0L L6
2000 BMW 320CI 2.2L L6
2000 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
1999 BMW Z3 2.8L L6
1999 BMW Z3 2.5L L6
1999 BMW Z3 2.0L L6
1999 BMW 740D 3.9L V8 DSL
1999 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
1999 BMW 328IS 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 328IC 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 328CI 2.8L L6
1999 BMW 323TI 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 323IS 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 323IC 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 323I 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 323CI 2.5L L6
1999 BMW 320I 2.0L L6
1999 BMW 320CI 2.0L L6
1998 BMW Z3 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
1998 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
1998 BMW 328IS 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 328IC 2.8L L6 F/I - US
1998 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 328CI 2.8L L6
1998 BMW 323TI 2.5L L6
1998 BMW 323IS 2.5L L6
1998 BMW 323IC 2.5L L6
1998 BMW 323I 2.5L L6
1998 BMW 323CI 2.5L L6
1997 BMW Z3 2.8L L6
1997 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
1997 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
1997 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
1997 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
1997 BMW 328IS 2.8L L6
1997 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
1997 BMW 323TI 2.5L L6
1997 BMW 323IS 2.5L L6
1997 BMW 323I 2.5L L6
1996 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
1996 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
1996 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
1996 BMW 520I 2.0L L6
1996 BMW 328IS 2.8L L6
1996 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
1996 BMW 323I 2.5L L6
1995 BMW 728I 2.8L L6
1995 BMW 528I 2.8L L6
1995 BMW 523I 2.5L L6
1995 BMW 328I 2.8L L6
1995 BMW 323I 2.5L L6

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