Mother Daughter Racing Team Compete Against Each Other

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They are mother and daughter, racers and on track competitors. Tiina and Kiersten Duncanson are That Girl Racing. Both are record breaking grass drag racers and both compete in the snocross circuit. Tiina is known around the track as “That Girl” and Kiersten is known as “That Other Girl.”

That Girl Racing uses K&N Products
That Girl Racing uses K&N Products

Tiina Duncanson of That Girl Racing
Tiina Duncanson of That Girl Racing
“Due to ice conditions, last season was rather short,” said Tiina Duncanson. “Kiersten and I both ran against each other in the Top Gas Division. It was her first year in this premier class. No new records were set because the ice was too inconsistent to run really good numbers.”
Tiina and Kiersten Duncanson
Tiina and Kiersten Duncanson

Last year was also a rebuilding year for That Girl Racing. “We ran brand new sleds,” said Duncanson. “Together we had 16 first place wins and 12 second place wins from the ¼ Mile Asphalt IHRA/NHRA to the Western Nationals at Fort McMurray, Alberta. My best race was the NHRA’s Spring Nationals at Valdosta, Georgia and Kiersten’s was the Can-Am Challenge in Cambridge, Ontario.”

That Girl Racing drives several different machines depending on the season. “Our favorite sleds are the large bore sleds,” said Duncanson. “On the ice I run a 1000cc 4-cylinder Ski-Doo based Top Gas sled built by Mike Crooks. Kiersten runs a 1000cc 4-cylinder Yamaha based Top Gas sled built by Sandy Ross. When the season changes to the IHRA/NHRA ¼ mile asphalt tracks we both run 1000cc 3-cylinder Ski-Doo based Pro Stock sleds built by That Girl Racing.”

Tiina has been racing since 1997 and Kiersten started racing at 12 and turned pro two years later. Kiersten has been racing for 7 years. “We are still competing in the same races,” said Tiina. “I have no plans to retire and I can’t make her quit. Yet! We look forward to beating each other in 2007. We also hope to lay down some good numbers and if we are lucky we’ll raise the bar a little.”

That Girl Racing uses K&N Engineering Products. “Anybody who is known on our circuits uses K&N,” said Tiina. “K&N Air Filters deliver clean consistent air to our engines. Clean air means longer piston life and longer piston life means less power loss.”

Both mother and daughter have been invited to the PINKS ALL OUT in Milan Michigan on June 30th. In two weeks Tiina will race at the NHRA Spring Nationals and Kiersten will be at the Can-Am Challenge.

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