K&N is Proud to Support Tim Martin for SEMA Chairman in 2017 Election

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Tim Martin was named the 2016 SEMA 

Person of the Year

Tim Martin was named 2016 SEMA Person of the Year

Tim Martin is running for Chairman of the SEMA Board of Directors in the 2017 election. Tim is a Vice President at K&N, and has been a member of the K&N team for nearly 20 years. His goal is to serve SEMA members in shaping programs to benefit the industry. SEMA has tremendous resources that helps companies prepare for changes and threats in the future. SEMA’s mission is to help its members succeed, and the future requires experienced leadership.

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Tim has served on the SEMA Board of Directors for seven years, and as a volunteer in SEMA programs for many more. He was recently honored to receive the 2016 SEMA Person of the Year award for contributions as a SEMA volunteer. He has been an effective member of the Board, and understands SEMA programs well. Understanding the potential of SEMA to help our industry and the automotive lifestyle, Tim is well suited to serve as the Board Chairman.

Tim has been involved in many SEMA and professional programs, including the following:

  • 2016 SEMA Person of the Year award recipient
  • SEMA Board of Directors (2 terms)
  • SEMA Data Co-op Board of Directors
  • SEMA Youth Engagement Task Force
  • SEMA CBLC Review Task Force
  • SEMA Board Nominating Committee
  • SEMA Garage Task Force and participant in initial SEMA Garage program planning meetings
  • SEMA Business Technology Committee (BTC)
  • SEMA Business Development Working Group
  • SEMA NextGen Working GroupSEMA Health Care Task Force
  • SEMA Fuel Economy Task Force
  • Speaker and participant at SEMA Town Hall Events
  • Speaker at several SEMA Show educational seminars
  • Speaker at SEMA Manufacturers’ Rep Network (MRN) annual meeting
  • Speaker at Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) conference
  • Speaker at AAIA/SEMA Aftermarket eForum conference
  • Speaker at AAIA National Catalog Managers Association (NCMA) conference
  • Member of SEMA PAC Presidents Club, SEMA PAC Redline Club
  • Participant at SEMA Washington Legislative Events
  • Presenter at SEMA Board Orientation
  • Member of SEMA delegation to the SCORE Baja 1000
  • Participant in many other SEMA projects and events
  • Multiple meetings with members of U.S. Congress, staff, and local government leaders
  • Member, Dean’s Advisory Council, University of California Riverside School of Business
  • Member, Business Council, Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce
Tim Martin is running for Chairman of the SEMA Board of Directors in 2017

Tim Martin is running for Chairman of the SEMA Board of Directors in 2017

Tim is a Vice President at K&N Engineering, and joined the company as a consultant in 1997. He has served many roles at K&N over the past 20 years. His responsibilities have included leadership in sales, customer service, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, distribution, and information technology. He previously worked as a consultant, and as an engineer for the U.S. Navy for 10 years. He has experience in project management, financial reporting processes, product development, product testing, product information standards, software development, strategy, organizational development, and legal issues.

Tim’s education includes 2 bachelor’s degrees in engineering from the University of Missouri, and a master’s degree in management from the University of Southern California. He enjoys off-roading and other motorsports, and is married with 4 children.

Tim's goals are to help improve SEMA programs that grow and protect our industry. He plans to focus on the following areas:

  • Support the SEMA Show and PRI Show as industry-leading events
  • Grow legislative programs to protect customization and recreation
  • Develop and support youth-engagement programs to grow awareness
  • Create new career development and networking opportunities
  • Improve member services and promote healthy industry collaboration

The election ballots will be emailed to the primary contact for each SEMA member company in May.

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