Rob Carpenter and One Wheel Revolution Gearing Up for the Summer Mayhem

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Watch Rob Carpenter tearing up a winter wonderland on his One Wheel Revolution Stunster

Watch Rob Carpenter tearing up a winter wonderland on his One Wheel Revolution Stunster

The spring thaw is starting in One Wheel Revolution’s (1WR) home base of Montana. It’s possible that 1WR’s V-twin engines have added a few degrees to the state’s average daily temperature. “It is just finally warming up enough to ride on a weekly basis here in Montana," said 1WR’s founder Rob Carpenter. “After finishing these bike re-builds, I couldn’t wait to burn rubber and some clutch plates.”

One Wheel Revolution is a travelling stunt show that thrills crowds around the country with jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind performances on Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. The Revolution’s choreographed shows are high on drama, skill, and entertainment, and the company has new and exciting elements to unveil in this new season.

One Wheel Revolution's Stuntster in a desert wheelie

The Stuntster in its natural state - on one wheel

While the new show elements are yet to be seen, the new and updated stunt bikes are ready for action. Though it may be true that the Montana thaw is on, Carpenter headed south to test the hardware.

“I packed up and headed to the desert around Las Vegas,” said Carpenter. “I met some rad people, rode in a couple new spots, a couple old ones, and scoped out some cool scenery for future shoots.”

“I tried to shoot as many still photos of the bikes in their glory and their pre-thrashed state as possible. Between the drainage, overflow, and desert area it was a nice contrast of scenery,” Carpenter said.

One Wheel Revolution's Trackster engine

Like all of the 1WR bikes, the Trackster breathes through a K&N intake

So let’s take a sneak peek at some of the new and updated V-twin hardware that audiences can expect in the 1WR shows throughout the country in 2017.

The One Wheel Revolution Stuntster has been totally rebuilt for the new slate of performances. Carpenter calls it, “A refreshed version of the Red Dragon wheelie machine.” The blacked-out engine and components alongside the deep red bodywork make for a clean, all-business stunt mount.

An all new star of 1WR shows will be the Trackster. Carpenter calls the burnt orange Harley, “Part Tracker, part off-road bike, part wheelie machine, and all Sportster!” Wearing dual exhausts, knobbies, and a huge rear sprocket, the Trackster will certainly be a hit at this season’s performances.

One Wheel Revolution's Stuntster side view

The One Wheel Revolution Stuntster in a rare moment of rest

Of course, every 1WR stunt bike is fully equipped with K&N performance and protection products.

“Thanks for sending all those parts so I could keep things on schedule,” Carpenter told K&N. “All the show machines are now in proper order and ready for a season of thrashing across the country! Now it’s time to finally get the Dyna ready for some action. The custom K&N black and gold intake for it will catch some eyes for sure!”

Take a look at the photos of the One Wheel Revolution stunt bikes and make sure to catch a show at a motorcycle event near you. We will keep you updated on the 1WR shows as their full schedule develops.

One Wheel Revolution's Trackster roosting in the desert

Carpenter shows what those knobbies are for on his K&N-equipped Trackster

One Wheel Revolution's Trackster tank

K&N has a place of honor on the Trackster's tank


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