Lifetime K&N Performance Air Filter for 2016 Suzuki GSXS 1000 is Designed to Add Power

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K&N SU-9915 replacement air filter for Suzuki motorcycles

The SU-9915 is a direct replacement for the stock GSXS air filter

If you ride one of the three versions of Suzuki’s GSXS 1000, you know all about “smart money.” The GSXS packs a lot of performance and ergonomic sensibility into a package that is reasonably priced for a lighter sport bike. It’s only logical that the smart money attitude of GSXS owners would continue with the maintenance and performance enhancements to the bike. A K&N replacement air filter sits at the top of the list of performance upgrades to Suzuki’s fine mount.

The air filter SU-9915 will help the GSXS breathe freely and efficiently through Suzuki’s Dual Throttle Valve 44mm throttle bodies. Like every K&N performance air filter, the SU-9915 is designed to increase horsepower and torque. This affordable upgrade comes in a form that is a direct replacement for the restrictive stock filter and it requires no further modification. It drops directly into the factory air box. It must be emphasized that installing a K&N filter will, in no way, affect your Suzuki’s warranty.

K&N SU-9915 washable, replacement air filter side view

A look at the legendary K&N filtration media

The “smart money” theme is continued with the washable and reusable nature of the filter. Over the life of the GSXS, the SU-9915 will be the last air filter you’ll ever need. On a bike like the Suzuki that makes performance riding comfortable, it’s easy to rack up the miles. K&N’s Million Mile Limited Warranty will be in your air box for all of those miles! The reusable design of the K&N filter is not only good for your pocketbook; it’s great for the environment.

K&N SU-9915 washable air filter with box

The SU-9915 comes pre-oiled and ready to install

Attention to detail is the earmark of K&N’s engineering prowess, and the SU-9915 is no exception. The multiple layers of pleated, woven cotton gauze media not only provide increased airflow, but also highly effective filtration. The filter is designed with a base seal and sealing bead that is specific to the GSXS to help eliminate the chance for unfiltered air infiltration. The SU-9915 comes pre-oiled and ready to install. When it comes time to clean the filter, which you can do once a year or more often if you’d like, K&N offers the 99-5000 air filter cleaning kit. Using the included cleaner and oil, cleaning and re-oiling the filter will be one of the simplest forms of maintenance you can do.

Sport motorcyclists are always looking for smart, effective, and reliable upgrades. The logical starting point for performance enhancement is on the intake side of the equation. Whether you ride the standard, the ABS, or the fully-faired incarnation of the GSXS 1000, the SU-9915 is the smart choice for your air filtration needs.

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The SU-9915 fits these Suzuki models:
2016 SUZUKI GSXS1000F ABS 999
2016 SUZUKI GSXS1000 ABS 999
2016 SUZUKI GSXS1000 999


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