Milton Peters' Custom Chopper is a Celebration of Beauty, Speed, and Power

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Custom chopper with 127ci motor and K&N filter

Milton Peters’ stunning Green Monster is protected by legendary K&N filtration

Milton Peters’ stunning chopper is named after the iconic left field wall in Fenway Park. The bike’s designer and builder says he has always been a “huge Boston Red Sox fan.” In reality, Peters’ “Green Monster” shares very little in common with its namesake other than color. Fenway’s version is tall, stationary, and silent. Peters’ version is low, fast, and anything but quiet.

Leaving well enough alone is not in Peters’ DNA. “I started building, modifying and ‘chopping’ anything with wheels as a kid and then into my teenage years,” he reflects. Even with the success of his Green Monster, Peters is quick to deflect the label bike builder. “I was never a bike ‘builder’ until this project. There are plenty of custom parts on the bike, but I am still more of a novice assembler and far from the talents of many amazing builders. The amount of respect I have for any builder / assembler or even the everyday repair gurus is very high.” While Peters’ humility is refreshing, the quality of the build and the incredible visual unity of the chopper speak to a deep-rooted talent.

Custom one off exhaust on chopper

Serious work went into these exhaust bends, and it was worth it

In reality, the lion’s share of Peters’ customization experience has come on four-wheeled vehicles. “I have built and customized import cars that were featured in international magazines and even built an Isuzu Pup mini truck and fabricated my own body drop and installed my own hydraulics despite never have used a torch or welder before, and created a full custom stereo. I have been more heavily involved in the aftermarket automotive, recreational vehicle, and electronics scene for about 20 years now.”

According to Peters, the Green Monster is a product of about 15 years of thought, planning, and mental incubation. All of that rumination is evident in the overall aesthetic unity of the creation. Let’s start with the paint. As for all those green bits on the chopper, Peters says, “I wanted the paint to be candy for sure. I wanted the paint to scream ‘extreme’ yet not be too busy.” The color is not the end of the visual feast as Peters thinks his paint details make the difference. “I feel that this custom candy green paint, the skull on the tank, the flames and then all of the small elements that match throughout the entire bike, are what makes this bike different.”

K&N filter inside S&S intake housing

The K&N filter inside that intake helps those big jugs pump out serious horsepower

Peters knows that a great chopper is not just about paint, despite the societal influence of what he calls “the commercialized chopper scene.” While that fad has faded, Peters is quick to point out that chopper building is alive and well. He says, “There are still plenty of shops, plenty of garage projects, or even people like myself who just finally said, ‘I am going to do this and I am doing it because I want to.’” The details of the Green Monster go much deeper than that paint.

The bike’s exhaust is a primary styling, performance, and auditory element. Getting the pipes just as Peters wanted them took some work. “I wanted the old school, heat wrapped look while having a slight ‘up sweep’ to it and of course an aggressive idle and rumble. I took a new exhaust and heated the bends. First, I had to get the exhaust past the housing, and I also wanted to sweep it up and out more. Next, I heated both pipe ends and brought them together slowly. I made a new bracket to mount them together and it works out visually and sounds exactly how I want it to.”

Custom open primary with 3.5-inch belt

Attention to detail is everywhere on the Green Monster

Peters wanted other design details to “match and be stand out items, but be subtle.” Many of those details are machined to match the chopper’s distinctive rims. The brake rotors and drive pulley are cut to match the wheels. Proving no detail is too small, even the valve stems are machined to match. “The bike features a black frame with a good combination of chrome, black and aluminum throughout.” Peters continues, “The S&S intake with the K&N filter even has a chrome housing and I added in the black accent cover to the face of that. It is pretty clear that I wanted the bike to flow nicely. I feel the bike has a great balance of the three metals - chrome, black, and aluminum.”

So what about the engine in the beast? Well it’s impressive. The big twin pushes a displacement of 127 cubic inches. It has forged pistons and roller rockers. The power-plant produces approximately 160 horsepower and more than 150 foot-pounds of torque. It delivers that power to the road through a 6-speed, right-side drive and an open primary with a 3.5 inch belt drive.

Custom chopper with pearl green paint

The sexy lines of Milton Peters’ creation are the result of years of visualization

Peters trusts K&N to protect his fire-breathing labor of love. “I truly have used K&N for many years. My first oil filter and air intake were K&N back in 1997. I have trusted them ever since. The washable and re-usable part is nice but to me the performance and instant throttle response I feel from the K&N air filters and intake systems is worth it all. In my daily drivers and in my motorcycle, I know I can trust the all of the K&N filters to perform.” Of course, K&N has a full range of filters and intakes for your particular project. Use the online application tool to get what you need.

With the Green Monster complete, what’s next for Peters? “I have contemplated selling this chopper and building another; maybe a bagger. But then literally every time I look in my garage I smile. So I am often torn. That being said, I also think I may build something again with 4 wheels, maybe a hot rod, muscle car, or extreme 4X4. The jury is still out.” Whatever Peters decides to tackle next, rest assured that it will be unique, it will be fast, and it will be fitted with K&N products.


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