K&N-Sponsored Cory Texter Scores an Impressive Podium Finish at the Springfield Mile

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Cory Texter riding flat track at the Springfield Mile

Cory Texter on his way to a podium finish at the Springfield Mile

As Cory Texter lifted his dusty racing boot up to the podium of the Springfield Mile in early September, most casual race fans didn’t know the Herculean effort it took to get there. The Springfield Mile is one of the most storied races in motorcycling. Texter calls it, “sort of like the Daytona 500 of Flat Track.” At the Illinois State Fairgrounds oval, Texter battled both the elite competition and front tire wear to earn a spectacular third place finish. Texter said, “I have been coming to this race since I was a baby watching my dad compete here, so it was really special to stand on that podium in front of all those spectators. I can't thank my family, friends and sponsors enough for sticking behind me all season long. I have the greatest support system in the sport and you all make it possible to chase my dreams.”

So what about the back story? Texter revealed, “After the previous national in New York, I mutually parted ways with the Richie Morris Race Team. It just didn't work out the way I had hoped it would. I took on the task of again running my own team and racing my own motorcycles in one of the most competitive series in the world.” Being a privateer is challenging in any form of racing, but in flat track, where conditions take a massive toll on both bikes and racers, that challenge is exponentially increased.

Grandstands at the Illinois State Fairgrounds

Great fan support of Pro Flat Track in Springfield, IL

Texter was also dealing with the disappointment of being excluded from competing in the final in the prior leg of the series. “We were handed an unfortunate circumstance at the New York national where a grey area in the rulebook kept us out of the main event. I left that race emotionally torn, but extremely motivated.” Clearly, motivation is one of Texter’s dominant character traits and a big part of his success.

Texter is quick to share credit for his racing success. On keeping his small stable of race bikes running strong, Texter said, “I had a lot of help from my mechanic Justin Bender. If it wasn't for his help this year, I wouldn't have been able run my own team and be as competitive as we were.” That teamwork has reaped rewards unusual for a privateer. “Finishing on the podium twice so far this season against some heavily funded teams was rewarding, but the best reward is the self-satisfaction in knowing I can compete and beat these guys on a weekly basis,” Texter said.

Cory Texter on the podium at the Springfield Mile

Cory Texter proudly displays his trophy and the K&N logo on his leathers

Racing success is impossible without solid corporate partnerships and Texter is quick to credit his relationship with K&N. “I have been using K&N products since I started racing full-time as an amateur in 2004. There aren't many brands within the industry that have such a good reputation,” said Texter. Clearly, it is of utmost importance for a small, independent racing team to pick the highest quality parts and components. Texter said, “I may be a privateer, but I take no short cuts when putting the best parts and products in my motorcycles, and K&N is one of the most essential pieces of that puzzle.”

For now, Texter is busy preparing for the Ramspur Winery Santa Rosa Mile in Santa Rosa, CA. The September 24th race will mark the end of the 2016 season. After that, Texter will take a deep breath. “It's been a long season, so I am going to take a couple weeks off and relax a little bit. I am going to spend some time with my wife and family, ride my bicycle, and ride some motocross. I guess that doesn't really qualify as ‘taking time off,’ but I love to train so I suppose there isn't really an offseason for myself when it comes to that.”

Cory Text congratulating Kenny Coolbeth Jr at the Springfield Mile

Cory Texter flashes a winning smile and a helping hand on the podium

After that time “off,” Cory Texter will turn to vigorously preparing for the 2017 flat track season. In addition to the mental and physical preparation, there are always team and affiliation considerations. “There are some new rules being put in place for our series next season, so I have a lot to think about as I head into next year. I would like to land a ride on a competitive team and go after a championship, but if that doesn't happen, I will show up at the track next year ready to win, riding for my own team, and racing my own motorcycles.”

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